Sunday, February 11, 2007

50 Mile Airport Ride

Dropped again! Partly my fault... Today it was just Reger and I, cold at the start but warmed up. It was easy until the 11 mile nature stop. Then the hammer came down and I was hanging out in the back, bad decision. About 80 riders out today, 50 of them all over the rolling hills at the half way point. I could only bridge a few gaps and I blew up at the half way point again. After about 5 miles alone, Buddy, an Aarons rider, a RBM rider, a Sorella Girl, the old guy that says nothing and 2 others picked me up on the way buy. I didn't feel so bad, their strong riders and I was ahead of them. We worked together on the way back and picked up 2 more on the way. Finished about 6 minutes after the front group... says Joe since he was with them. Go Joe! I spent 1:20 minutes above my lactate threshold supposedly... which is somewhere around 163 bpm. Yes, I worked very hard today. I had fun today though.


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