Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nutrition Plan

We're taking charge of the food in the house. It's not that we eat bad, but we eat out more than we want or need to. Which means french fries, burgers, fast food, etc. It was decided that we would "purchase" a 9 week endurance athlete meal plan (yes, from you know where) to use as a guideline for healthier food and put a grocery list together for the week. Sunday was the shopping day for us and Monday, the beginning of the new meal plan. It will be a significant change for us, 6 small meals a day, which is tough to get into the kitchen to make but better for us. It's also good since we are so active that these meals are focused on endurance athletes so it around 65% carbs, 15% protein and 20% fat but varies a little from day to day. I'm very curious to see what happens in 3 weeks or so, better performance? body fat? feel better? As a result, Aidan is eating healthier food. We are by no mean sticking to this 100% but put some guidelines down for meals for the day, grocery shopping and a healthier lifestyle. If I don't look like a super hero in a few months and ride at 30 mph I'm going back to the french fries!

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