Friday, January 12, 2007

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 3

The team was here until 8:00pm tonight trying to get everything done. Not yet though but really close. Both units are in and working. We only lost heat on the upstair for a few hours. We need a dumpster to take all the leftovers away. They cleaned up by filling the office with the junk and unused parts. (so now the garage and driveway are clear.) The crew still needs to put on some air exhaust intake grills on the outside of the house, adjust 2 of the ducts in the office space for me and tweak a few things on Monday along with cleaning up. These guys have been putting in 11 hour days and never take more than 30 minutes for lunch. We'll see how everything performs over the weekend.

The new office ducts / junk storage room

1-12-07_2.jpg 1-12-07_1.jpg

The new stuff, we will be leasing the space for anyone who wants to shoot a video here. I'm calling it space retro.

1-12-07_3.jpg 1-12-07_4.jpg

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