Thursday, January 11, 2007

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 2

Our old unit for the upstairs is still working so we have heat for tonight! Our main floor was freezing most of the day. The new unit for the main floor is up and running as of 7:00 pm tonight (minus a few ducts). The new upstairs unit is in place and should be working by tomorrow afternoon. The last of the job is to run new (nice spiral ducts) into the office and re-attach 2 of the old ones to the living room and kitchen.

First photo: space age stretchy duct insulation and the spiral duct for the office on the right. Other photos: 2 new units, left is for upstairs (not finished), right downstairs and basement 80% done but working.

1-11-07_1.jpg 1-11-07_2.jpg 1-11-07_3.jpg 1-11-07_4.jpg

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