Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 1

Work started today at the crack of 9:30 with 5 guys to tear out our old units, put 2 new ones in a new location, rework the ducts and add new ducts for the office, new bathroom an hallway. Our estimator left 10 minutes after he got here to explain the work to the team. Another delivered 1 new heating unit and left. A third gentleman was only there to collect the scrap metal for recycling. That leaves 2 guys to do all the work. As long as the work gets done, fine with me. I'm happy with the foreman; he understands we not only want the work done but that it needs to be esthetically pleasing as well. Quite a few ducts cut into the new office space and we work through several options to find the best one. So far they have taken down the unit which feeds our main living floor and soon to be basement office (no heat today or tonight) and set in the new one. Tomorrow the upper one will be replaced. Friday should be duct work, gas lines and electrical.

Below: old unit and ducts litter the driveway.

1-10-07_1.jpg 1-10-07_2.jpg

Below: One unit removed (a new doorway to the stairs will be behind the old unit), new unit to the right

1-10-07_3.jpg 1-10-07_4.jpg 1-10-07_5.jpg

4 ducts removed from the soon to be office cieling so far


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