Monday, January 1, 2007

Basement Demo Has Started

Our house is a work in progress. We spent a year renovating the top floor of the house. Tore most of it out down to the studs. Added structured floors, moved walls, new closet new bathroom, the works. Now we are ready to pull the trigger on phase II, convert the extra room in the basement into an office. This will include cutting a new door to the back of the house, moving HVAC units, add/move plumbing and electrical, add a bathroom and new hall to have conditioned access from inside the house and not walk through the garage.

Last week we confirmed a contract with Empire Heating and Air to move our 2 HVAC units to another location in the basement and redirect / add some new ductwork. We've decided to upgrade the units at the same time. News Years Eve marked the start of the demo for us. Down with the drop ceiling, drywall, walls and enclosures. I did some more work this morning. Half of our junk got moved to the attic. The garage is now storage for the rest. Sorry Audi, you get to sit in the rain. (pictures to come)

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