Saturday, January 27, 2007

62 Mile Webb Bridge Ride

I joined 2 riders from the Colavita Sutter home team, my friend Joe and Jim as well as Greg for a short ride to the start. It was below freezing at 7:40 for a 8:00 am ride start with 35 other riders. The plan was to ride 40 miles with the group and another 35 alone. Nobody was feeling the love so we stayed with the group the entire ride. The group splits with 2 optional routes, both about the same pace and distance... strange. We ended up with around 12 riders after the 25 mile mark. We started very slow but Greg picked up the pace at the end to put a few people in pain. It didn't get warm until the last 30 minutes. All rolling hills with 1 nature stop. It was a nice change of pace for a weekend ride.


  1. hi, my name is freddy got to your site from Joe. Do you have a map of that ride on web bridge?

    Please if you can send me a link..Thanks

  2. There are 2 different routes. You can get the maps here.

    At the bottom of the page under Webb Bridge