Sunday, January 14, 2007

50 Mile Airport Ride

Fun... and fast. If I didn't have a smile on my face I felt like it. Destroyed the base today. 70 degrees and no rain in the middle of January, that means 120 plus riders out today. Its hard to tell with that many people.

The whole family came to breakfast this morning to meet Dana and Joe before the ride and met Matthew and Remling at the Carter Center to ride to the start. I saw Kelly on the ride.

My stats say my HR was above 140 for most of the ride and above 160 for 3/4 of the ride (bad, bad, bad for base). The strange thing is I never felt tired or overworked even at my max of 191. I talked most of the ride and even when it started to break up could jump ahead to the next person without much effort. I did feel it in the legs but I've been pushing a lot of weights in the gym. 10 minutes into the ride our speed got over 20 mph and stayed between that and 37 mph (except for lights). 20.3 avg for the day but that's with the ride to the start and back to the car. I would guess somewhere between 22 and 24 avg. I really like that ride, it's been 5 weeks. Too long. Headed up to the gaps tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Marc!

    I found your blog from reading Joe Reger's blog.

    I'm a relative newbie cyclist, having bought my first road bike in the latter part of spring last year.

    So far, I've done virtually all of my riding solo, either at Silver Comet or (mainly) at Stone Mountain park, to which I live very nearby.

    I'm getting curious about riding on one of the local area group rides, but still find the idea of riding in a group a bit intimidating.

    Would you have any recommendations regarding good beginner rides?

    Also, would you be willing to share any "courses" from your Garmin?

    I've got the Garmin 301, and would be interested in any courses you might be willing to share from local group rides. I doubt that I have any that you would be interested in, but you welcome to any of mine. I'm on the website, my username is "hunter", so I think you could extract courses from there.

    Anyways, good luck with your training and racing goals this year.

    Keep it upright and rolling fast,