Sunday, January 21, 2007

50 Mile Airport Ride - Dropped

Suffer fest. Dana and I were the only 2 brave enough to take on the cold and potential rain today. We weren't really hyped on going anyway so mentally we had already checked out and it was freezing. There was a very small group, 40 riders or so today, a sharp contrast to last week. We got a late start and had to huff it to get to the start in time (already tired), the group was about a minute down the rode when we got there (catch up time). I don't know why, but for some reason the front of the group thought it would be great to go 25 mph the entire ride, no slowing anywhere. This is fine on the way back, after warming up and getting the legs stretched out but straight out of the shoot, doesn't work for me. My heart rate pegged and stayed there for the entire ride. My legs blew up at the half way turning point. I jumped into a group of 12 riders who caught me that had also been dropped about a mile later. We scoop up Dana a few minutes later. The group rode a double pace line all the way back with a female drill sargeant screaming at us, self appointed pack leader. We managed to keep it between 19 and 22 mph all the way back. The temperature started to drop as we got back to Atlanta. This ride hurt from beginning to end. The upside is we finished just before it started raining.

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