Tuesday, January 9, 2007

1 Hour 15 Min. on the Trainer

Matthew got me a CTS climbing training video for Christmas. (Because I need help catching him on the hills.) I broke out the tv and a table in the basement and rode a 1 man training class with virtual teammates. With Carmichael yelling at me I'm less likley to cheat? I chose today to do this because I'm scheduled to do strength training work today anyway. The video is broken into 4 parts, a warm-up, muscle tension (slow cadence with big gears) for 2 sets of 5 minutes, hill repeats (targeted HR while changing the cadence and tension every minute, high then low) 2 sets of 10 minutes and a cool down. I think I was hoping it would be more like a spin class... this was more like work. I'll be stronger right?

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