Wednesday, January 31, 2007

19 Mile Ride at Stone Mountain

I meet Dana and Joe for 2 big laps and 1 small one tonight in the dark.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3 Mile Run.. Chasing Aidan

I took Aidan to gymnastics this morning since Leslie had a meeting. The kid is a non-stop sprinter. After 30 minutes, a second older kids class starts using the same space. Aidan thinks he's older and wanted to be with them instead.

Monday, January 29, 2007

1 Hour on the Trainer

Did some Steady State work tonight (work just above lactate threshold). In the basement... boring. I missed putting Aidan to bed which I didn't like but need to get on before it got too late.

New Project-Website for HADP Architecture, Inc.

We just received confirmation today for a new website for HADP Architects, The Ivy Group, an architectural forensic partner company and Clue Solutions, a cast-in-place concrete solution, another partner company.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

40 Min Weights + 25 Min Elliptical

I only had time to get to the gym today. Leslie ran at the mountain and I needed to work.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Event Photos Found

Blood, Sweat and Gears, NC mountains - June 24, 2006
These guys not understand the concept of drafting?


Beautiful Backroads, Cartersville - September 16, 2006
Strange, I found this on a personal site with 500 other pictures. Somebody got me at the start of the ride.


Covington Century - August 6, 2006
I was on the first page of photos... because I was the only one in the front group who did the 50.


Reger finished the 100 miles in 4 hours! Looks like he's hurting though... look at that helmet.


Remling was there too, made the mistake of stopping for water... they won't wait.


62 Mile Webb Bridge Ride

I joined 2 riders from the Colavita Sutter home team, my friend Joe and Jim as well as Greg for a short ride to the start. It was below freezing at 7:40 for a 8:00 am ride start with 35 other riders. The plan was to ride 40 miles with the group and another 35 alone. Nobody was feeling the love so we stayed with the group the entire ride. The group splits with 2 optional routes, both about the same pace and distance... strange. We ended up with around 12 riders after the 25 mile mark. We started very slow but Greg picked up the pace at the end to put a few people in pain. It didn't get warm until the last 30 minutes. All rolling hills with 1 nature stop. It was a nice change of pace for a weekend ride.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh My God, Blood Everywhere!

Horror swept through the house last night. Aidan has had a cough for a few days and finally a runny nose yesterday. Leslie went to check on him around 11:00pm because he had been coughing, held him a little and put him back down. After coming back down stairs and even watching some TV we realized she had blood all over her shirt. What the hell! As we sprinted up to Aidan’s room and turned the light on, we realized there was blood all over his sheets and bed. We rolled Aidan over and woke him up. Thank god, it was just a nose bleed. It was crusted all over his nose and cheeks. We had taken his humidifier out of the room because is had mold all in it and needed to be cleaned. Bad parents, bad parents. We spent the next hour clean him, the room, the sheets, the humidifier and dozen bloody tissues. It had stopped and Aidan was happy running around at 12:30 in the morning, looking out the window, play with dogs, watching TV. It didn't phase him. Were taking him to the doctor today to check everything out but he seems to be fine minus the standard child having a cold thing.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

2 Hours 45 Min. on the Stationary Bike

I met Dana at the gym for a ride at 5:00 and ended up staying through the 6:45 spin class. Stayed in base mode. I felt good, maybe the nutrition plan is working?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's official. Wii use can cause weight loss

Play video games to loss weight? So that's what Matthew is up too.


Daylight Saving Time is 3 Weeks Longer

Yay! The time change is 2 weeks earlier this year on March 11, 2007. Daylight weekday rides return. Are you ready for the season, only 6 weeks away? It will end a week later on November 4th.

One Week To Go Before Vista Debut

January 30 consumer release of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista.

35 Min Elliptical Runner

I'm making an effort to get SOME cardio in 5 days a week. I would rather go for a run but I twisted my ankle 2 weeks ago and the elliptical is low impact. Last time it took 2 months to heal. I'm hoping it's faster this time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nutrition Plan

We're taking charge of the food in the house. It's not that we eat bad, but we eat out more than we want or need to. Which means french fries, burgers, fast food, etc. It was decided that we would "purchase" a 9 week endurance athlete meal plan (yes, from you know where) to use as a guideline for healthier food and put a grocery list together for the week. Sunday was the shopping day for us and Monday, the beginning of the new meal plan. It will be a significant change for us, 6 small meals a day, which is tough to get into the kitchen to make but better for us. It's also good since we are so active that these meals are focused on endurance athletes so it around 65% carbs, 15% protein and 20% fat but varies a little from day to day. I'm very curious to see what happens in 3 weeks or so, better performance? body fat? feel better? As a result, Aidan is eating healthier food. We are by no mean sticking to this 100% but put some guidelines down for meals for the day, grocery shopping and a healthier lifestyle. If I don't look like a super hero in a few months and ride at 30 mph I'm going back to the french fries!

30 Min Weights + 1 Hour Recovery Ride

This is my recovery week... and I need it. I rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the AP ride at the end destroying me.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Next Bike?


50 Mile Airport Ride - Dropped

Suffer fest. Dana and I were the only 2 brave enough to take on the cold and potential rain today. We weren't really hyped on going anyway so mentally we had already checked out and it was freezing. There was a very small group, 40 riders or so today, a sharp contrast to last week. We got a late start and had to huff it to get to the start in time (already tired), the group was about a minute down the rode when we got there (catch up time). I don't know why, but for some reason the front of the group thought it would be great to go 25 mph the entire ride, no slowing anywhere. This is fine on the way back, after warming up and getting the legs stretched out but straight out of the shoot, doesn't work for me. My heart rate pegged and stayed there for the entire ride. My legs blew up at the half way turning point. I jumped into a group of 12 riders who caught me that had also been dropped about a mile later. We scoop up Dana a few minutes later. The group rode a double pace line all the way back with a female drill sargeant screaming at us, self appointed pack leader. We managed to keep it between 19 and 22 mph all the way back. The temperature started to drop as we got back to Atlanta. This ride hurt from beginning to end. The upside is we finished just before it started raining.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

24 Mile Ride at Stone Mountain

Dana and I rode at Stn Mtn today. This was her first time back on the bike since the crash. No problems, she was still good to go after 1:40 minutes of riding. The temp was starting to drop and we plan on riding the Airport Ride Tomorrow. We did some fast pedal cadence work and stayed in base mode. Vanessa was there putting in some miles as well.

Friday, January 19, 2007

1 Hour 15 Min on the Trainer

Base with a little tempo work today.

New Ride Jacket / Vest from Performance

I found a riding jacket at REI but they didn't have my size. I found the same one at Performance today, Cannondale Morphis Shell, but in different colors. Funny how distribution works, the 2 stores can't have the exact same ones. The sleeves come off so I finally have a vest to use which I've needed desperately in the mildly cold weather. I got a new bag too since mine was rotting. There's a place for everything, shoes, helmet, glasses, phone, etc. It even comes with a mat for the floor to change on and a bag for dirty clothes... sweet.

10-5586-LME-FRONT.jpg 20-2551-BLK-ANGLE.jpg

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aidan is 18 Months old Today - Trip to the Doc

Since his last visit, Aidan has gained 2 pounds, up to 23.5 pounds and has grown 1 inch, up to 31 1/4 inches. The great news was capped off with a shot in the leg. Everything looks good and healthy. Normal to advanced in all areas except his communications skills. He should know more words by now which would be helpful. He's working at his own pace.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

30 Min weights and core + 35 Min Elliptical

Went to the gym after the networking meeting tonight. Had a meeting this morning, took the car for service and had 2 conference calls... a long day but I needed to vent.

El Encanto HTML Email Blast

The first of a bimonthly newsletter was launched today for our client, El Encanto en Punta Mita. Here is a link to a slightly modified version. As with all of our clients in Mexico, this development was done as The 3 Amigos.

AFFUG Meeting Tonight

The Atlanta Flash and Flex User Group meeting was tonight at Fusion Link. Precia made a presentation explaining the wizards with Coldfusion, graphs, some nice drag and drop features and a host of website resources. It was the 1st meeting of this group, about 20 people. If you're interested in this development platform, attend these meetings. The amount of knowledge in one room is astounding. Authors of books and blogs, people with direct contact with the software developers and certified instructors are at these things and everyone is willing to answer questions and help others.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 4

Actually Monday after the weekend. The job is done but we are questioning the ability of our installers. Since I was out playing in the mountains, Leslie put the thumb down on them to fix 3 of the ducts that were NQR. I mentioned before, we had a gas leak over the weekend. On Monday, the installers made us aware of a leak at the meter... hummm. They came out tonight because both units were not functioning as expected. One wouldn't restart and was in some kind of shut down mode, the other kept turning itself off because the condensation was not draining from the unit. It seems to be holding the temperature and working now. Is it just because it's new and complex, we have a few adjustments to make or where the installers incompetent. Time will tell.


A Clean Bike

If I wasn't tired enough after the Airport Ride on Sunday, I decided to wash my bike. The first time I've really done this since I bought it. It was strange; I was used to scrubbing mud from every crevice of my mountain bike, this was just some road grime and syrup spillage from my water bottles. So I moved forward and washed both of our cars while I was at it. I think the clean bike made me faster on our Gaps ride Monday, yep definitely. There was at least 1/16 of a gram of dirt build up.

1-14-07_1.jpg 1-14-07_2.jpg

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dana Crashes at 45 MPH, 40 Mile 3 Gap ride, I Hit 53.5 MPH on the Bike!

I'm not really sure what this entry should be called. It was a great day of riding scarred by an unfortunate accident but a miracle Dana is relatively OK.

After breakfast at Panera (with a disturbing discount cat neutering camper outside and a very long line at 7:30 am) Reger, Matthew, Dana and I went up to ride the back 3 Gaps today (Jacks, Unicoi and Hogpen). This was already a tough ride because we hammered the Airport ride yesterday so the body wasn't 100%. The goal again was to stay in base mode, HR under 160. The average for the day was 148, a little high but I blame that on hogpen. Overcast but warm.

The first 2 climbs went as expected, Joe has no hr, Dana has little hr, Matthew is working but in the zone and my Garmin is beeping at me to slow down (I'm getting there). The 4 of use had coasting races down the back of the front 2 climbs. We had seen 3 other riders out today but on the way up hogpen an entire team passed us, cars and all (remember, were in base mod not racing up... we could have taken them). The climb wasn't that bad but I couldn't keep my heart rate down and still turn the pedals over so it was over 160 for most of the climb. The back side of Hogpen is fast with a few straight sections. We decided to leave before the team (hanging out at the top) to avoid the mass group exit down the hill. Matthew lead diving into the corners, I followed with Dana and Joe behind. Matthew and I managed to get up to 53.5 MPH 3 times on the downhill! (Its been a goal of mine to break 50 for a while now so I'm happy). At the bottom Matthew and I waited for the rest of the Tuckertiers. A red truck pulls up next to us and says a girl crashed on the way down... F@#$@! Dana had gone over the handlebars on the way down at maybe 45 mph. Talk about worried, there's nothing to do but pray for the best while we hammered back to the scene of the accident. The team passed us as we were on our way back up the climb and finally Joe came by. The team car had picked her up and was bringing her down to her car. That's great news, no Ambulance. Somehow she had bounced of the road and slid across the asphalt but stayed in her lane on the road? Not into the lane of on-coming traffic or into the rocks on the far side or off the edge of the mountain. She wasn't bloody with road rash, just torn shorts a few scraps and bruises... oh yes, there will be bruises. Incredibley, Joe (who was behind her) managed not to hit her on the way down (or by the team of other riders just behind us). An ambulance showed up in the parking lot to look her over. The decision was to go to the hospital to get her checked out, just in case. Nothing broken... it's a miracle in my book. About the only thing out of Dana's mouth was, "I'm sorry to inconvenience you guys". Please, how could you impose on us like that.


The cycling team on hogpen was Reger has a post on his site about the ride here. With Dana's update here. She's doing well and already got the bike into the shop (the next day even).

Sunday, January 14, 2007

50 Mile Airport Ride

Fun... and fast. If I didn't have a smile on my face I felt like it. Destroyed the base today. 70 degrees and no rain in the middle of January, that means 120 plus riders out today. Its hard to tell with that many people.

The whole family came to breakfast this morning to meet Dana and Joe before the ride and met Matthew and Remling at the Carter Center to ride to the start. I saw Kelly on the ride.

My stats say my HR was above 140 for most of the ride and above 160 for 3/4 of the ride (bad, bad, bad for base). The strange thing is I never felt tired or overworked even at my max of 191. I talked most of the ride and even when it started to break up could jump ahead to the next person without much effort. I did feel it in the legs but I've been pushing a lot of weights in the gym. 10 minutes into the ride our speed got over 20 mph and stayed between that and 37 mph (except for lights). 20.3 avg for the day but that's with the ride to the start and back to the car. I would guess somewhere between 22 and 24 avg. I really like that ride, it's been 5 weeks. Too long. Headed up to the gaps tomorrow.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

80 CSS Webpage Designs

Inspirational CSS web page design examples for designers and programmers.

50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006

30 Dark Designs You Should Have Seen

Aidan's week in review

Its been a busy week for our boy. He had music class on Monday. Went to tumbling class on Tuesday (gymnastics). Wednesday we listened to the HVAC workers tear our mechanical units out and Jessica watched him in the afternoon. Thursday he had daycare (for 3 hours). Today we went to the park to play and later met some friends for dinner at Los Hermanos. Grand total number of times he watched Madagascar: 7 (maybe, it's hard to keep track since he controls the Tivo).

30 Min weights and 25 Min Elliptical runner

I'm going to try and get some kind of cardio in 5 days a week. Even if it's only for 20 minutes. I'm going to be on the bike for at least 3 days and the other can be anything. I'll mix it up with equipment at the gym and running mostly. This along with 2+ days at the gym should give me a more rounded fitness base, keep me healthy and ready for the next riding season. Leslie and I have been doing a lot of "planning" as far as food in-take as well. I will not use the word "diet" or the phrase "work out" anymore. The first word implies something temporary and restricting and work out implies that exercise means work. I really want these things to be more of a lifestyle.

Gas Leak

Woke up this morning to the house smelling like gas. They told us the excess oil would burn off when the new furnace heaters started up for the first time and it would smell. But more like something burning, not gas. We finally called for help at lunch time (Leslie). They came right out and fixed the problem. One of the connections inside the upstairs unit was not secure enough. Good they fixed it right away, scary and dangerous though.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 3

The team was here until 8:00pm tonight trying to get everything done. Not yet though but really close. Both units are in and working. We only lost heat on the upstair for a few hours. We need a dumpster to take all the leftovers away. They cleaned up by filling the office with the junk and unused parts. (so now the garage and driveway are clear.) The crew still needs to put on some air exhaust intake grills on the outside of the house, adjust 2 of the ducts in the office space for me and tweak a few things on Monday along with cleaning up. These guys have been putting in 11 hour days and never take more than 30 minutes for lunch. We'll see how everything performs over the weekend.

The new office ducts / junk storage room

1-12-07_2.jpg 1-12-07_1.jpg

The new stuff, we will be leasing the space for anyone who wants to shoot a video here. I'm calling it space retro.

1-12-07_3.jpg 1-12-07_4.jpg

Outlook 2007… now with 1999 technology!

Read this blog post here. Microsoft takes email design back 5 years. Outlook 2007, released next month, will stop using Internet Explorer to render HTML emails and instead use the crippled Microsoft Word rendering engine. This means disaster for anyone, like our company, who builds html emails for companies.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

1 Hour on the Trainer

Tired tonight. Lots of work, keeping an eye on the construction, went to Maddy's Bar-B-Q for dinner (best bbq ever) - Aidan loved the live music, also shared some of his food with some kid at the table next to us (very nice), back to work until 10:00 pm and finally got on the bike at 10:30. I feel better now though.

New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 2

Our old unit for the upstairs is still working so we have heat for tonight! Our main floor was freezing most of the day. The new unit for the main floor is up and running as of 7:00 pm tonight (minus a few ducts). The new upstairs unit is in place and should be working by tomorrow afternoon. The last of the job is to run new (nice spiral ducts) into the office and re-attach 2 of the old ones to the living room and kitchen.

First photo: space age stretchy duct insulation and the spiral duct for the office on the right. Other photos: 2 new units, left is for upstairs (not finished), right downstairs and basement 80% done but working.

1-11-07_1.jpg 1-11-07_2.jpg 1-11-07_3.jpg 1-11-07_4.jpg

Punta Mita Re-Organization

Frequency 650 recently reorganized the information flow at (Specifically the real estate section) After listening to clients and users, Dine (client), hopes this update makes it easier to find the property your looking for.


One of the greatest ideas ever. Iron-On stickers that turn unsightly stains into attractive doodles. An alternative way to prolong the life of stained clothes. - website


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SweetSkinZ and Lights

I'm totally getting these for my mountain bike!

and these -


New HVAC and Ducts - DAY 1

Work started today at the crack of 9:30 with 5 guys to tear out our old units, put 2 new ones in a new location, rework the ducts and add new ducts for the office, new bathroom an hallway. Our estimator left 10 minutes after he got here to explain the work to the team. Another delivered 1 new heating unit and left. A third gentleman was only there to collect the scrap metal for recycling. That leaves 2 guys to do all the work. As long as the work gets done, fine with me. I'm happy with the foreman; he understands we not only want the work done but that it needs to be esthetically pleasing as well. Quite a few ducts cut into the new office space and we work through several options to find the best one. So far they have taken down the unit which feeds our main living floor and soon to be basement office (no heat today or tonight) and set in the new one. Tomorrow the upper one will be replaced. Friday should be duct work, gas lines and electrical.

Below: old unit and ducts litter the driveway.

1-10-07_1.jpg 1-10-07_2.jpg

Below: One unit removed (a new doorway to the stairs will be behind the old unit), new unit to the right

1-10-07_3.jpg 1-10-07_4.jpg 1-10-07_5.jpg

4 ducts removed from the soon to be office cieling so far



It looks very cool - I'll wait for reviews to see if it actually works but if it does, it will be the first Apple product I buy. Of course then I will have to switch to Cingular from t-mobile since they will be the only carrier until 2009. OR, theres always this option -


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

1 Hour 15 Min. on the Trainer

Matthew got me a CTS climbing training video for Christmas. (Because I need help catching him on the hills.) I broke out the tv and a table in the basement and rode a 1 man training class with virtual teammates. With Carmichael yelling at me I'm less likley to cheat? I chose today to do this because I'm scheduled to do strength training work today anyway. The video is broken into 4 parts, a warm-up, muscle tension (slow cadence with big gears) for 2 sets of 5 minutes, hill repeats (targeted HR while changing the cadence and tension every minute, high then low) 2 sets of 10 minutes and a cool down. I think I was hoping it would be more like a spin class... this was more like work. I'll be stronger right?

Monday, January 8, 2007

45 Min. Weights and 20 Min. on the Elliptical Runner

Mondays seems to be my most consistent day to get to the gym. 3 days is always the goal but 2 is the norm. I've been reading some "inspirational" workout material on Carmichaels website and one of the articles talked about taking advantage of your gym membership and changing things up in the winter. A cross training concept and something else to do indoors. One idea was to jump to each piece of the cardio equipment every 20 minutes to get and hour or two of aerobic workout with different muscle groups. I decided to step up onto an Elliptical runner for the first time today. Now I know my brothers climbing secret. It's very similar to climbing on a bike while standing up.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Basement Demo Continues

Below are some before and after photos of the basement demo so far. 2 short walls removed, drop ceiling removed; miscellaneous blocking, hangers, trim and hardware removed; HVAC enclosure and shelving removed. The Electrical has been temporarily moved along with the cable. The HVAC guys are scheduled for Wednesday through Friday.

1-5-1.jpg 1-5-21.jpg 1-5-31.jpg 1-5-41.jpg 1-5-51.jpg 1-5-61.jpg 1-5-71.jpg 1-5-81.jpg

Saturday, January 6, 2007

60 Miles at Silver Comet Trail

I joined Joe, Dana and Scott for a 4 hour base ride at Silver Comet Trail today. 129 avg hr; not bad since I pulled or didn't draft most of the time. You might think silver comet is flat... nope, we climed 1300 feet over the course of 60 miles today.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

1 Hour 30 Minutes on the trainer

I finally got to use my new Blackburn ultra trainer (from my parents for Christmas). Very quiet. You could hear our old one upstairs with the TV on. This one you can barely hear when on it. I was VERY week today, from the gym yesterday. I thought my legs were going to break off while doing some tempo work. Looks like the Sunday weather is going to suck again so the AP ride out for the 4th week in a row for me.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

ACFUG meeting

I went the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group meeting tonight. 2 speakers, one on SPRY (Adobes AJAX) with CF and another on BlueDragon 7.0. Very interesting. We've been looking at some uses for SPRY. It looks like it "may" become built in widgets in the next round of Dreamweaver but for now Adobe Labs has and early version to code. They also anounced a new Atlanta Flash & Flex User Group with the first meeting on Jan. 17th. Precia, who works on projects with us, is an Adobe Flex instructor and will be presenting.

1 Hour weight training

I finally made it back into the gym. It's been 2 weeks since I've seen it. I managed to ride but with the holidays something had to give. I felt strong today, legs, upper body and core. It’s heavy weight strength this month – 360 pounds on the leg press (ouch)

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years Day Ride

Dana and I are sticking with the training plan. Consistent base miles. Well, for not really wanting to ride we put in 40+ miles on a ride from Tucker on over to Stone Mountain, 4 loops and back. Maybe 3 hours or so. It was really windy out today.

Basement Demo Has Started

Our house is a work in progress. We spent a year renovating the top floor of the house. Tore most of it out down to the studs. Added structured floors, moved walls, new closet new bathroom, the works. Now we are ready to pull the trigger on phase II, convert the extra room in the basement into an office. This will include cutting a new door to the back of the house, moving HVAC units, add/move plumbing and electrical, add a bathroom and new hall to have conditioned access from inside the house and not walk through the garage.

Last week we confirmed a contract with Empire Heating and Air to move our 2 HVAC units to another location in the basement and redirect / add some new ductwork. We've decided to upgrade the units at the same time. News Years Eve marked the start of the demo for us. Down with the drop ceiling, drywall, walls and enclosures. I did some more work this morning. Half of our junk got moved to the attic. The garage is now storage for the rest. Sorry Audi, you get to sit in the rain. (pictures to come)