Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Should See the Other Kid

black eye

Merry Christmas

My family was here for 4 days. We ate... and ate... and ate. And we drank some too, wine, margaritas, the usual. Leslie wow'd us with meals and spent most of the time in the kitchen. Grandpa spent lots of time with Aidan and showed him how to draw airplans and da-zhu's (helicopters, it's a long story). Mom showed off her wii bowling skills. I ambushed Mathew onto Facebook. My aunt and cousins, Jennifer and Melanie also came over for x-mas eve dinner. Aidan got a new bike and TONS of other... stuff. I've already spent my Performance gift certificate on things to keep me warm during sufferfest.

We also went to Stone Mountain to look at the lights with Aidan. Colder this year than last. Made the mistake of going on Dec. 23rd instead of Christmas eve. LOTS of people. We snuck into the village and Aidan ran through crowds of people screaming for 20 minutes or so... he loved it.

A typical day tomorrow - Morgan is coming over to watch Aidan, Gloria will be here to clean the house, Leslie has PT, I need to work (and need to get a workout in somewhere), we have to get to the grocery and Leslie's good friend is coming into town to stay with us for the weekend. It will be chaos.

xmas07-1.jpg xmas07-2.jpg xmas07-3.jpg xmas07-4.jpg xmas07-5.jpg xmas07-6.jpg xmas07-7.jpg

Sunday, December 23, 2007

SufferFest Update

10 days away! 4 days bike riding - around 100 miles each day. Dates are picked, routes are pretty much nailed down. Sorry if you didn't get an invite, don't take it personal but join us if you can. We have group on Facebook that has all the info. Contact me and I'll send you an invite to the group. Let us know if you plan to jump in on one or all of the rides.

And... a pre Thank You to Leslie's family for coming up to help take care of the MONSTER whiling I'm off playing on the bike for 4 days!


The family (mine) came into town today for Christmas. Went to Stone Mountain and looked at the lights with Aidan. Cold, chaotic, fun. Looking forward to some time with them over the next few days.

Jojo has recovered - done with his meds (finally) and all the wounds have scabbed over and healed up.

Got some good news for Aidan. He may be starting at a new private school next year that we were hoping to get him in to.

Went to Leslie's company holiday party last Wednesday. Small, good people, dinner and after they hired a professional poker dealer to teach us how to play and deal for a couple of hours. Sad but I hadn't played every really. Lots of fun. Now Les has some "skillz" to play with her mom. Come on big money!

New Garmin

Sometime in early 2008 Garmin will release the new Edge 705 HRM Outdoor Fitness GPS with Heart Rate Monitor

Of significant interest (to me) are these two items:
Full-Featured Navigation- No more scratch paper clipped to your handlebars or pulling maps out of your pocket. In addition to their cycling computer functions, The Edge 705 and 605 provide the same robust navigation as Garmin's vehicle navigators, with turn-by-turn spoken directions (turn left in 500 yards) and a 2.2-inch (diagonal) color display that shows maps in great detail. Both devices come pre-loaded with a built-in basemap, and a MicroSD card slot you can use to load new maps.

Connectivity and "ANT + Sport" - an approach to fitness devices as a total platform with the "ANT + Sport" connectivity system will interface wirelessly with any devices that are compatible with the "ANT + Sport" protocol, including devices from other manufacturers = power from third-party power meters.

Garmin 705

Thursday, December 13, 2007

20 Miles @ Stone Mountain

Another double day. 1 hour back and biceps in the morning, 20 miles at the mountain tonight. Still nice weather, quiet. Rode for a while before sunset, then twighlight and a final loop just after dark in the misty rain. All the holiday lights are up. Nice vibe.

Just got a link to this race - - Holly hell that looks like fun... and a lot of pain.

New Phone

Christmas came a little early - got me a T-Mobile Shadow. No more "rave" phone (donated to Aidan, meaning the power is left on and it's on my desk for him to take instead of my new one). Pictures, mp3's, texting, internet... too complicated for me right now but I'm working on it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just Re-Launched - KPS Group - Originally designed and programmed in 2003, Frequency 650 just replaced 2/3 of the portfolio, added several sections and restructured the site. We kept the design and programming of the original, just enhanced it.

KPS Group

30 Miles @ Stone MTN

Got a good double workout in today. 1 hour chest, shoulders, tricepts workout then this afternoon, 30 miles at the mountain. Amazing weather. Hooked up with Dana, Andreas, Dan and the rest of the Spanish crew for 6 tempo laps. I think at one point we had 10 riders in the group. MUCH easier to get the miles in. 1 hour 38 minutes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Save the Date: Sufferfest 2008, Jan 3rd - 6th

Thursday - Sunday. You already have time-off for New Years. Take a few more days and join us. FYI, this is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 is in March. Details to come. If you have some ideas for places to ride, let us know.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

80 Mile Ride - Tucker to Airport Ride & Back Home

Took advantage of the weather today. Still recovering from a week of sickness. Easy 20 mile ride from the house to the start of the Airport Ride. Left at 8:20am, wasn't sure how long it would take and wanted to take my time. I planned the ride down via past ride routes - Northlake / Tucker ride to Pizza ride to Bike South ride to Outback ride and down Edgewood. No problems. Got downtown WAY early. Big group, 130 or so people but I didn't see a lot of the people I usually talk to. Lots of sketchy riding from the non-regulars. 4 weel touches around me. Took the short loop, stayed in the pack all day until the end which seemed pretty easy today. 22 avg mph with the group. Once we got past the airport on the way back, I went off the front with one other person. We stayed away for the last 5 or six miles but got caught by a couple of lights and the pack rolled up on us at the last light at the end. Rode back from downtown with 2 other guys, one stopped in Decatur the other all the way to Stone Mountain. Didn't really get tired until I got almost to downtown Tucker. Didn't eat enough today. Great weather, great ride. Wish the Tuckertiers could have made the loop with me. Note: My Garmin was dead before the ride started so no map or stats.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our House is Sick

Aidan has been on and off with a cough for over a week. Last night I finally went down with a fever and stuffed up head. Leslie is feeling down today as well. It was about time between the training, Aidan being sick and lots of work stress. Hopefully, it will be short and today will be the worst of it.

JoJo is on the Mend

The tubes are out and his puncture wounds are mostly scabbed over. Antibiotics for another week because he still has some swelling but he's doing much better.

First Night of Hanukkah

Tuesday - We had a wonderful meal: Brisket with carrots, potato pancakes and challah bread. mmmm. We lit the menorah and Aidan opened a present (a sit-and-spin) which kept him entertained for a while.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Just Launched - Clue Solutions (CSi) - a site cast concrete solution company. A fast and cost effective building solution. Simple HTML site.


Just Launched - The Bellevue Collection - Luxury comes to the collection. Another addition to Bellevue Square with high-end retail. Developed for Blue Marble Media (designer) / The Voyager Group / Kemper Development. Flash site with a video intro.

The Bellevue Collection

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Airport Ride - Long Loop

Fun ride but not so strong today. It's been 2 weeks since I've been on my bike so I should have known it would hurt today. Dana and Matthew made it out today. Turned for the long loop and made it to about 30 miles and popped off the back. Followed another rider who came off at the same time - short cut back to the main road back into town. Cut out 10 miles. Hooked up with another group of 4 riders who had started early and hammered on back to the start. Finished about 20 minutes before the group.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jojo is hurt

After returning from Florida, our 2 older children (Max and Jojo - dogs) came back on Tuesday morning. Jojo's neck was swollen an he had little scabs all over from what looked like bites. On Wednesday he had a huge lump across his back. We took him to the vet immediately. He had scrapes and bites all down one side of his face and neck and a dozen large puncture wounds across his back which became infected with an enormous abscess. He went into surgery and now has 4 tubes, 8 drain holes in his back to drain the fluid. He came home Thursday, went back Friday (he wasn't eating and was throwing up). He's back home now and looks much better. He's a champ, he never shows any sign of injury or pain and still looks happy. The tubes come out on Monday and stich up the holes. Leslie has been cleaning the wounds every couple of hours and getting his meds down him. She's a great mom taking care of our boy. Aidan has been saying, "hurt" for days and staying out of the way. On Friday morning, Aidan went and got his blanket from his bed and put it down in front of Jojo to lay on. Not sure if I'll post pictures or not.

Stone Mountain Ride...ughh

Fought though traffic on Wednesday to get the mountain at about 5:15pm. Went about 1/4 mile and my cable snapped to the rear derailleur. I decided at least one lap as a fixed gear (12) had to happen since I drove over, spent all that time putting my winter gear and lights on. Bike went to the shop - needed new cables and housing, new chain and cassette. Lucky they could pull the cable head out of the shifter otherwise I would have needed an new one of those as well. The big chain ring is also warn but I'm waiting on that one. It's all 1 1/2 seasons old so its gotten its use.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Training Week

It's hard when you're traveling, visiting family and out of town but since we didn't leave until Monday and the temp in Florida was in the 80's... it wasn't too bad. Got a couple of runs in... it's been a while.

November 16, 2007 chest, shoulders, triceps 1 hour (also 1 hour massage day)
November 17, 2007 Tucker Ride
November 18, 2007 Airport Ride
November 18, 2007 back & biceps 1 hour
(drive to Florida)
November 20, 2007 3 mile run 30 min
November 21, 2007 6 mile run 60 min
November 22, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
November 23, 2007 legs & chest 1 hour
November 23, 2007 Bike Ride 1 hour
(drive to St. Mary's - then home)

Trip to Florida - Thanksgiving

Aidan is a trooper. 10 hour drive (with stops) from here to Stuart, Florida to Leslie's parents for Thanksgiving. Never a problem. 3 DVD movies and one nap. Uncle Michael was there when we got there. I took a trip down to Fort Lauderdale to see Charles on Tuesday (1.5 hours south). Lots of great food and some early Hanukah presents for Aidan. Ate like kings all week. Amie came in on Thursday. Drove up to my parents in St. Mary's, Ga on Saturday (5.5 hours with construction and an accident). Aidan was great again. Just finished the new house; very nice digs. Leslie had an allergy attack from the cat and we left for home on Sunday after breakfast. Should have been 5 hours of driving but... left at 10:30, construction, accidents and loads of traffic. Got home around 6:45. We did stop at the outlet mall to keep from going postal. Aidan was the only one to say calm.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Airport Ride #3

Short loop, didn't want to be gone too long. Only Dana and I at the start today. Big peleton but not like last week. The pace is picking up slowly. 22 avg mph this week. Very strong legs today. Just sat in until the last 15 miles and got bored. Chased Mark down a few times, took a couple of long pulls and went off the front on one of them. Not sure if it was the massage on Friday, the ride yesterday or just getting form back. Great ride.

Aidan Says

Yesterday, Aidan and I were in the car running errands. I sneezed. He said "Bless you". Thanks... what? Not that he really knows what that means but his automatic response was priceless. This morning, at breakfast he said, "Mommy coffee, Daddy bike"... yep.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tucker Ride

10:00 am start. A small group got through the light on main street. I got stuck rotating through the front group chasing them down for the first 15 minutes. And when we caught them, we kept that speed. 23 mph avg speed for the ride. Do they know it's November? Ouch. That loop has 2000 feet of climbing. Screwed up the sprint, I forget how fast it comes up and started working my way to the front and... we were already there. doh.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sports Massage

My first... other than after a few century events. 1 hour of... pressure.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Training - P90X

This time of year seems to be the time I want to try something new, need a change, analyze things and take some action. Last year was the first time I trained through the winter, started with the Carmichael training and changed our nutrition / eating. Though we haven't stuck with all of the nutrition guidelines... we love food in this house, we have changed a lot of our daily habits which has keep me 10 pounds lighter with the same training regimen over the last year.

This year, I'm a little less gun-ho about riding in the freezing cold, want to get some strength back, not just in the legs but everywhere and look less like a cyclist and more like... a superhero (I can dream). Leslie was also looking to find another training program and not go running in the cold. We don't work out together much so I was keeping that in mind. While contemplating this, I stumbled across late night TV paid programming for a training series called P90X. I didn't do anything but think about it for the next week and we did some research. 3 things intrigued me. 1 - they use a variety of workouts to keep things interesting. 2- it follows a training philosophy I already agree with in the Carmichael training of 3 hard weeks with 1 week of recovery and repeat while slowly increasing the difficulty. 3 - they incorporate something we used to call "shocking the muscle", which they call muscle confusion, to get your body to adapt to change and get stronger. Tons of negative reviews on the buying process but glowing reviews of the product. (buy through amazon... problems avoided)

The product is 12 DVDs to be used in workouts in 3 phases (in 3 months) combining strength training with weights and body weight exercises, plyometrics (jump training), kenpo (in this case martial arts for exercise consisting mostly of blocks, punches and kicks, yoga, core work and cardio. This basically covers all the bases for fitness. You also get a guide book and a nutrition program to follow (which I haven't... I guess that's why I don't look like a super hero yet). The goal is to build overall strength, tone and fitness level. This would get me to work on things I have been neglecting and things I never do, such as work on my flexibility.

Were now through 6 weeks in the program. So if your look at this blog, it may seem like I've been a little bit of a slacker lately... not true. I've been destroying myself for 1 hour to 1.5 hours every day for 6 weeks (along with the 3 to 6 hour bike rides). As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it. I have gotten nauseous getting through the upper body workouts early on and still can't get through all of the abs workout but I'm getting close. At times, there is a big cheese factor but for the most part, all of the workouts solid, have different levels of fitness ability and change often enough to keep it interesting. Here's what we've been up too (with rides included).

September 28, 2007 Fitness Test - 45 Minutes (baseline fitness)
--September 30, 2007 6 Gaps Ride
October 03, 2007 core synergistics (overall body workout) 1 hour
October 04, 2007 cardio (yoga,plyos,kenpo,core) 1 hour
October 05, 2007 shoulders & arms;abs;chest & back 2 hours 15 min
October 06, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
October 08, 2007 kenpo 1 hour
October 09, 2007 yoga stretch 1 hour
October 10, 2007 chest & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
October 11, 2007 plyometrics 1 hour
--October 11, 2007 Pizza Ride
October 12, 2007 shoulders & arms;abs 1 hour 15 Min
--October 13, 2007 Serrano Century
October 15, 2007 legs & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
October 16, 2007 kenpo 1 hour
--October 16, 2007 Stone Mountain Ride 
October 17, 2007 yoga stretch 1 hour
October 18, 2007 chest & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
October 19, 2007 plyometrics 1 hour
October 20, 2007 shoulders & arms;abs 1 hour 15 Min
October 21, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
October 22, 2007 legs & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
October 23, 2007 kenpo 1 hour
October 24, 2007 yoga stretch 1 hour
October 25, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
--October 25, 2007 Pizza Ride
October 26, 2007 core synergistics 1 hour
--October 27, 2007 Tucker Ride
October 28, 2007 yoga stretch 1 hour
October 29, 2007 cardio 1 hour
October 30, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
November 01, 2007 chest, shoulders, triceps; abs 1 hour 15 Min
--November 01, 2007 Pizza Ride
November 02, 2007 plyometrics 1 hour
November 03, 2007 back & biceps; abs 1 hour 15 Min
--November 04, 2007 Airport Ride
November 05, 2007 legs & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
November 06, 2007 kenpo 1 hour
November 07, 2007 yoga stretch 1 hour
--November 07, 2007 Stone Mountain
November 08, 2007 chest, shoulders, triceps; abs 1 hour 15 Min
November 09, 2007 plyometrics 1 hour
November 10, 2007 back & biceps 1 hour
--November 11, 2007 Airport Ride - long loop
November 12, 2007 yoga strength 1.5 hours
November 13, 2007 legs & back; abs 1 hour 15 Min
--November 13, 2007 Stone Mountain (from the house) 
November 14, 2007 kenpo 1 hour

We're now 1/2 way through the program and so far I'm happy with the results. My overall strength has come back, my bike performance has returned and starting to reshape the body. This is the first time I've done kenpo, yoga or plyometrics. After were done (around the holidays at the end of December) I plan on incorporating most of this program into my training throughout the year. I know it's not ideal training to race bicycles but I do that for fun... so overall health and fitness is the goal. At the end of the year I'll do the cheesy before and after photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2 Hour Recovery Ride

26 miles yesterday from the house to Stone Mountain and back. Met Dana on the way out. Great weather, just didn't want to be inside.

Food... in Tucker

A new restaurant on main street in Tucker - Rotagilla (Cajun / New Orleans style) just got a new chef. We have gone in at lunch a few times but they just opened up for dinner. Different menu, very good. Also Mesa Caliente Mexican Restaurant next to Wal-Mart isn't too bad. It's a step up from Sangria's but Los Hermanos still reigns supreme.

Aidan is a Jumping Bean

This past weekend, Aidan went to a birthday part at the Little Jumping Bean - A giant room filled with inflatable zones to run, jump, slide and fall. It was for our friends 3 year old. We've been there before but Aidan powered through 2 hours of serious jumping and sliding.

Tonight he used his new crayons to draw on the floor (carpet) in Leslie's office... we told him he made a mess and he went to the kitchen, grabbed the hand towel and tried to clean it up.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

66.5 Mile Airport Ride - Long Loop

One of the toughest group rides for sure. 60 miles with the pack, 21.4 avg mph for the ride. Reger, Dana and I started from the Carter Center and ran into Remling on the way to the start. Perfect weather. 100+ people at the start, maybe 130 or more. The peleton was huge. About 30 of us turned for the long loop. All 3 of us all did our part rotating through and taking our turns pulling. Lots of rolling hills in the back (2245 feet of climbing today) and constant surges all the way back. 1 stop at about 38 miles. Not what you would call a winter base ride but dam fun. Pretty much everyone stayed together on the way back. (All the big boys were on the long loop). I think Reger and I along with one other person didn't have racing jearseys on. We were all destroyed by the end on the ride, but we survived. Burned through 4700 calories. Very strong today, finally turning it back around.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Client Updates

Frequency 650 has posted updates for several clients recently: Palmasola ( had a few navigation updates, expansion to the property as well as photographs. El Encanto ( now has a news section and a few others. Roth Distributing ( has a major image overhaul along with the ability to enlarge most of the images on the site. Equity Investment ( had it's quarterly financials stats updated. One Scottdale (, Spanky's ( and Strategy First Partners ( all had minor tweaks and updates.

Frequency 650 has secured work for The Voyager Group, Rosewood - Teluride and The Bellview.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

20 Miles @ Stone Mountain

In the twilight and dark last night. A little chilly but not too bad. They were putting up all the holiday lights. Not too many riders but a lot of die hard runners. Looked like the Sorrella group was organizing at 6:30.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Just Launched - - a developer in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula. This was a Three Amigos team development.

Dostart Development Company

Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Airport Ride of 2007

Great weather, maybe 80+ riders. Got the layering right. Remling made an appearance. I also saw Michele and a dozen other riders I see every week on other rides. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Quicker than normal pace out to the nature break but fairly reserved until the break-off for the longer loop. I should have gone on the long loop today. The legs felt good. Most people opted for the long loop. 35 or so went short. I sat in the back until we had about 15 miles to go. I was getting bored and jumped up to the front to help push the pace a little bit. Ended with maybe 15 people so we lost some on the way back. Windy but not terrible.

Group ride was 21.3 avg pace. 40 mile group ride - 48 for the day (ride to the start and back to the car), 3354 calories burned, 1525 feet of climbing, no hr monitor today.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reger is @ Ironman Florida Today!

So is Sudie (one of the spin teachers at LA fitness) as well as a few thousand other athletes. You can track his progress here bib 471.

So far he's out of the water 3 minutes ahead of last year 1:06:56 and his transition was 2.5 minutes faster... but I guess that could mean they changed the transition area.

75 miles of the bike done... looks like he's right on pace.

10:29:18 - wow... great job Joe!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

Leslie's parents came up for a few days to party with Aidan on Halloween. Had some good home cooked meals and made a trip to the Aquarium.

halloween1.jpg Aidan ready to trick... And get some loot

halloween2.jpg We're OFF

halloween3.jpg Running to our 2nd victims house

halloween4.jpg Alright, more chocees

halloween5.jpg We were too slow for him

halloween6.jpg Too many choices

halloween7.jpg Back to my cave to count my loot

halloween8.jpg I win (bag #3)

Last Pizza Ride of 2007

No more - time change... on to winter base training. And the Airport Ride. Around 15 people showed. Perfect weather, didn't even use arm warmers. 1 short inside loop in the park. Second in the sprint.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

46 Mile Tucker Ride

Cold start but I was bundled up... thought I was going to miss the group but they left a few minutes late. I guess it was a winter size group; 20 or so people. 22 mph with the group - normal pace for this ride. Made it through the rolling hills and up the long hill but didn't have enough left to stay with the group after that. Took the rest of the ride at a nice base pace with the headphones on. Very windy on the second half.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

20 Mile Pizza Ride

Lots of traffic, got to the parking lot just before the start of the ride. The group of about 10 people left about 2 minutes before me. Lots of effort to catch the group. Came very close a couple of times but the timing of the lights were not in my favor. Caught them at the park gate entrance. 1 small loop, and back. Not much in the way of participants in the sprint but a little effort. Fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adobe Shows Off Thermo @ MAX 2007

A new tool in development code named Thermo, converts Photoshop and Illustrator files into flex applications. Could seriously speed up the development workflow. Check out the videos (3 of them) -

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aidan got a sport'n new Haircut

Les took him to get his hair cut today and he actually sat still for the entire thing. Movie update - new favorite - Robots

aHair4.jpg  aHair3.jpg aHair2.jpg aHair1.jpg

20 Mile Stone MTN Ride

1 Hour 15 min - 1 inner loop, rolled around for 30 minuties with Dana before the Northlake ride came through. Hung in for 1/2 a lap on the outerloop before sitting up. Legs a little toast from the Serrano ride. Ended with another inner loop.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

2007 Serrano Century

Cold start, 47 degrees. Warmed up after the sun came up over the trees about 1 hour into the ride. Started with Bob, Sue, Danielle, Hunter and Dave. Steady pace up to the 40 mile mark. Hunter earned his Sufferfest invitation (good riding). From there, Bob, Sue, Danielle and I continued up to the turn at 50 miles. Danielle took the 60 mile option. Good strong ride for Danielle. The 3 of us missed a turn somewhere and added 5 to 8 miles onto the route. We weren't the only ones. A dozen or so other riders were sitting at intersections looking at maps. Somewhere between 65 and 70 miles some yahoo who had been sitting in came flying by and then sat-up right in front of Bob... Bob changed into serious mode and ran him down. As the two of them dueled I followed close behind until the yahoo exploded and while Bob and I rode away... fun. Bob and Sue continued with the 100 mile loop and I went on alone to finish the ride. I started the season with a century ride with Bob and Sue (Wheels of fire) and ended it with them as well. Great ride, just the right pace. Thanks to everyone for letting me tag along.

88 Miles, 4 hours 51 minutes, 18.2 avg mph, 147 avg hr, 5736 calories burned

Friday, October 12, 2007

24 Mile Pizza Ride

New time, started at 5:45 with maybe 30 people. Fast pace, well, seamed like it. I'm ready for base riding but we were racing the daylight to get back before dark. 22mph avg. I was hurting in the park but lots of power and speed for the final sprint. I think there are only 2 more of these rides left for this season.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Heart Looks Great

Over the past month or so I've had an EKG, and EKG with a stress test and today and EKG stress test and echocardiogram. Basically, a sonogram of the different areas of the heart before and after my stress test (running uphill on a treadmill until your ready to pass out). I got to see the inside of my heart beating at rest and at 180+ bpm. I wish I had a picture or video I could post, very cool. It's hard holding your breath when your already out of breath. The heart works perfect and looks great! With the amount of stress I put on it and the rest of my body over a season it's good to know everything in good shape.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Road Trip to St. Mary's, GA

Family road trip, down on Saturday back on Sunday. Matthew was with us. 5.5 hours of driving each way. Saw my parents new house (almost finished and looking good) as well as my Uncle. Aidans first road trip in over a year. He did great.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Flying Squirrels

About 1 month ago we started smelling something bad in our 1/2 bath on the main floor. Last week Les turned on the fan and squirrel fur came of the vent. Come to find out Leslie is deathly allergic to squirrel (after cleaning up the mess she had her typical melt down like being around cats). It was a flying squirrel which flew across from one of the big trees and crawled into our vent duct, which is isolated about 15 feet off the ground in the middle of the brick siding on our house. She made a nest and had babies about 6 weeks ago. They didn't make any noise until last week. A critter service set a trap outside the vent (one way in, no way out). The mom was trapped on Saturday night but didn't make it through the night. This morning there were 5 babies, still alive in the trap. We hope that's all of them. They are going to let them go in the woods somewhere (not near here).

squirl1.jpg squirl2.jpg squirl3.jpg squirl4.jpg

2007 Six Gap Century

Cold start - 50 degrees out, shivering as I rolled over to check in. Timing chips were stuck in customs so we all got runners numbers. Figured I would over do it rather than freeze for a half a day - arm warmers, jacket and fingered gloves. Nice and toasty. Jacket came off at the top of Unico. Last big ride of the season but not a goal event for me so more of a training ride especially since I'm at the low end of my fitness now. Wanted to keep the hr under 170 which is 5 beats above my base training max. Didn't quite pull that off but was reserved. I rode with Reger all day which was nice to have someone to suffer with for hours on end. Thanks Joe! Found a few groups to pull us along over to Neals. Had a mini explosion on top of Hogpen so we relaxed for a little while at the top. Perfect weather. Broke 50 on the way down. Had some cramping and knee issues which is to be expected with all the steep climbs. 6 Hours 41 minutes of ride time but we were out there for about 8 hours, 14.5 avg mph, 156 avg hr, 9470 calories burned, 10288 feet of climbing (according to my Garmin). Went to Moe's after. Good cap off to the season.

6 gaps 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chili cook-off at Stone Mountain

Wow... not what we expected. Beer / redneck fest, which could be fun but we actually went to eat chili. Unfortunately, only about 3 of the 150+ participants had editable food. Everyone was served shot glass size plastic cups of chili. You voted for you favorite by putting your entry ticket into an empty miller light case box. Tastes ranged from school cafeteria spaghetti sauce to oh my god I'm going to puke. Leslie's comment to one booth was "tastes like beer" and not much else. They expected 15,000 people over the weekend so the impact on mass production and cost of quality ingredients has a huge impact on the chili quality BUT I would rather eat chili from Wendy's before any of these again.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Flash Timeline Launch for Faith Hill - Echo Music brought our partner Charles James in to develop an overall look and feel as well as design a timeline for the new Faith Hill website. I was asked to do the flash programming, interactivity and animation while Echo Music developed the rest of the site. Everything is xml based for easy updates. The site kicks off 15 years in the music industry and a new album.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Aidan Update

He started back to school (mothers day out 2 days a week) 3 weeks ago. He loves it. His favorite phrase now is "I'm fine." We watch the movie 'Cars' 4 or 5 times a day. That's all he wants to do, or at least have it on in the background. We were at diner with the Katz's at a restaurant with a water fountain. Aidan and Jamison were throwing pennies in the water. Aidan started asking for 2, un-prompted. One for each hand. I think that's the first time he has requested a specific number of something.

Ride Update including Beautiful Backroads 2007

Life got a little out of control... it's works fault. Not much riding.

9/15 - Saturday Tucker Ride - 41 miles
9/22 - Beautiful Backroads - 63 miles, 23 mph avg speed, 2 hours 45 minutes, 168 avg hr - my favorite ride of the season. Stayed with the front group until the turn off at 60 miles.
9/25 - Northlake Ride - 29 miles

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Backside 3 Gaps w/ Brasstown option

Met Reger on Friday for a gaps ride. Jack's, up Brasstown Bald (which starts at the top of Jack's), Unicoi and Hogpen. First time up Brasstown. A nasty 3 mile accent. Seems like 20% for a .5 mile section. I changed out my cassette for a 12/27 thank goodness. Hogpen didn't seem that bad after that. We cruised through the gates at the top of Brasstown. There is a .5 mile continuation up to the tower at the top. I stopped for the yelling ranger but Joe made it all the way up. 3 Hours 36 minutes, 43.37 miles, 5861 feet of climbing, 5065 calories burned. That ride is categorized as HARD FUN. Thanks for the invite Joe.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sepetember 2007 ACFUG Meeting

ColdFusion 8 Hidden Gems by Charlie Arehart - Lots of good information at the meeting. If you have any interest in ColdFusion, you should attened these meetings... it's free!

Monday, September 3, 2007



75.6 miles of riding bliss. Perfect weather. This ride was the first century ride I ever did, back in 2004. Started in Vinings, out through Six Flags, around silk sheets and back. Reger made it out. Saw Michele and her husband. Planned on 62 but realized we would probably be caught by the 75 mile group so why not put a few extra miles in. Reger and I ended up in front after 15 miles... oops, not part of the plan. Started with maybe 45 people up to the 25 mile stop. Then around 30 or so until we broke of for the 75 mile option with about 18 people or so. Small group of maybe 8 or so continued on for the century option. 5 of us continued to take long pulls through the front all the way back to the shop. Ended with 8 or so riders. Great ride day, strong, fun. It was nice to be one of the stronger riders in the group rather than just hanging on. Joe rode strong as always and did his share of the work. Had a technical problem with his bars as I took him over some nasty road at speed.

Saw Joe's ride report... must of gotten to a few stop signs before him. Finished with a 20.1 mph avg speed. 20.4 on the way out, 20.1 on the way back and slacked off for the last 3 miles. 150 avg hr (only 3 more than Joe!), 3967 feet of climbing, 5856 calories burned, ride time of 3 hours 45 min.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tucker Ride

I WANTED to get over to the MACC One Love ride but it looked like rain. Turned out to be great weather. Fast ride. Not really excited about the effort to stay with the group but was fine. 21.8 avg speed for the ride. Stopped when Dana got a flat at about 32 miles. I supervised so she could continue her bicycle mechanics training. Rode back into town with 3 others (dropped and or mechanicals). Recovery lunch with the Fam at Los Hermanos. Hoping to get to the Share the Road ride on Monday.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunch w/ Aaron

Haven't seen him in a while, or his family. Good to catch up. Went to Chipotle in midtown since Les hates it and won't eat there.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spin Class at LA Fitness

Raining Thursday... went to Sudi's spin class. Nice to catch up with her.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

30 Min. Gym + 35.5 Mile Ride w/Northlake

Time to end my slacker "recovery" period. Upper body and core at the gym. Rode the Northlake ride today. Dana joined me over to the start. It's getting darker sooner so one short inside loop and one longer loop, both counter clockwise when we get to the park. Held on until the last climb up to back gate. 21.8 mph avg speed for the group ride. That's about on par for this ride.

Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Mile Jog around Stone Mountain

Changed the pace up this weekend. Les and I took a stroll around the mountain on sunday with an easy jog each taking turns pushing Aidan. Aidan got to terrorize his mother at the park afterward by performing his... watch what I can do tricks.

Food and more Food

Met up with Dana, Chris, CJ, Julie, Heather, Ava and Joe (Leslie and Aidan were there too) for some food at Los Hermanos on Friday. Then the fam headed over to Reger's for some snaks and a video on Sunday with Dana, Heather and Lisa. Always good company and conversation.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

30 Mile Ride

From the house to Stone Mountain and back with Dana. Both of us are way burned out from the season. Needed a recovery ride. The park was deserted.. didn't see a single person for half a lap. Very twilight zone. We both road a half a lap with no hands... harder than is sounds going up hill. Put a smile on my face though. Need some more fun rides at the end of the season, been way to goal oriented. Got a few drops of rain on the way home.

The House has been Painted

Finally, the outside of the house was scubbed, pealed, sealed, patched and painted. Next project down. 2 projects left. The deck and the never ending yard.

Aidan says Mommy!

So... well for 2 years now, everyone around Aidan has been saying wheres mommy or mom. Aidan will point to her but won't say it. You all know this is KILLING Leslie. His vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds every day but still on mommy. Da Da, no problem for maybe a year. Even full sentences like, "Wow, what is that?" BUT, this morning after brushing his teeth, he wanted to be picked up and said mommy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fools Gold

The 50 mile mountain bike race didn't go as planned. More lessons learned, more questions uncovered.

Up at 4:00 am, Matthew and I got to the start in Dahlonega at 6:00, start time at 7:00 with about 90 people. Started stronger and harder than I should have. The first section is a 12 mile climb on fire road, we let 2/3 of the group go ahead up the climb and didn't chase anyone down or pick up the pace. I thought we were being reserved and was proud of myself for restraining... but, the heart rate was much higher than it should have been for this kind of event (mid 170's should have been mid 150's). I was over excited and overconfident since I had ridden 30 miles of this course about 3 weeks earlier at just under this pace. Plus, I could go harder since I was doing the shorter distance right? I was eating cliff blocks mostly and a gel shot. This was because they were easy to get to and eat while climbing.

Quickly through the first sag at 10 miles to a 2 mile downhill. Matthew took off, I went at my own pace, no need to save a few seconds for a dumb mistake and I had to change my breaking because of my finger. Back together through the rolling single track sections but went way to hard. Not sure why we picked up the pace so much. Maybe because we had caught up with a few racers here and it was the first single track section or we were used to the downhill speed and a normal pace felt slow. We got the 2nd sag at 17 miles about 2 hours into the ride around 9:00 am. Once we stopped I realized... I was blown... rTard. Why can't I stick to a game plan? It was still early for me to be so tired though even at that rate. My only thought is that I still hadn't recovered from hurting myself at the Covington ride and that I typically don't do well when going straight into a hard effort without a warm-up. To add to my problems, the lesson not learned from my last event, Cliff Blocks destroy my stomach. It just turned on me. Hard to get real food down but did my best at this stop (knowing I wasn't getting enough calories).

Time to move on, only 1/2 mile up the trail I was weak, tired, pissed off, my hr was peaking no matter what I did and let Matt go ahead along with a few other riders we were with. I stopped for a few minutes to get my heart rate down and reset myself mentally. I turtle crawled for a while but got the pace back up and made it through the 11 mile loop slower than I wanted. I layed the bike down in this section just before a creek crossing. I was too busy looking up the trail and hit some loose dirt, the one and only time it happend. I didn't eat anything during this part of the ride, just lots of water and performance drink. Back at sag 3 (at the same location as 2) now at 27 miles. Matthew was there; he had changed a flat tire and was sensibly refueling. He took off and I made a best effort to get more liquid and food (unsuccessful on the food part). Riders were coming through and leaving as I choked down parts of a powerbar, crackers and some fruit. I had finished my mixed drink and they had some Rapid Refuel stuff, grabbed a bottle and left - gross, tasted terrible. It fell of the bike somewhere on the ride anyway.

The next sag was 18 miles away through mostly single track, no long climbs but lots of up and down. I put on the headphones. I felt good for the next 8 miles passing a few riders and getting into a nice rhythm. At around 35 miles, my body shut down. Not unexpected but I was holding on as long as I could to finish the ride. On a road ride, you can coast, draft off of people coming by and still make some forward progress. Not the case on a mountain bike ride. Every inch is earned. I stopped in the middle of a climb and sat down (now for the second time). I realized I was kind of done for the day... way back in the woods in the middle of now where. I tried to rest and regroup while 3 riders came by (all looking rather ragged but working on forward progress). I picked myself up and continued on until around mile 40. I had gotten to another stream crossing, cold water coming down from the mountains. I stopped and literally sad down in the stream. My socks were already wet, I was drenched in sweat and it didn't really matter about my time anymore. It dropped my core body temperate down and gave me a little wake up. Again, a few riders passed by, probably thinking I've lost it. I felt much better and was ready to move on. I needed fuel so one gel... and it came right back up. Not a good sign. Water still goes down, let's move on. Slowly. Great, now I'm out of water.

Arrived at sag 4, 42 miles in at somewhere around 2:00 pm. Mentally checked out. I got more water and a few grapes (about the only thing I could eat). Only 8 miles to the end but lots of climbing. That translates to 1.5 hours of good climbing effort to the end. I didn't have it. I had pushed myself for 5 hours AFTER my body said, you've had enough. I knew there was a shortcut to the end only 2.5 miles up the road.

I cut the ride short and crossed the finish line at 45 miles. Needless to say, my body disintegrated over the rest of the day. Matthew finished the ride a little while later. Great ride for him and on his 32nd birthday! Said it was the hardest thing he had ever done to date.

Ride time 5 Hours 23 minutes - event time 7 Hours 40 minutes, avg hr 159 (rTarded), 6400 feet of climbing, 7240 calories burned, avg speed 8 mph. 12 pounds lost. Looking at the stats, I'm surprised I was able to keep that speed for the event.

I think in the long run I'll learn a lot from this event. I need to work on my fueling plans, finding and sticking to a target hr for longer events based on training, since about mid summer my training hasn't been to my benefit for events but more enjoyment on the group rides. I need to find a balance between what will make me stronger and what will damage my efforts. I also need to learn the art of recovery.

Sorry, not much of a race report and I still have mixed emotions of the event. I wasn't sure what to write but this is what came out.

Friday, August 17, 2007

46 resources & tools to improve your web typography

Typography is always a battle in website development. Good collection of links. I'm putting it here as a reference to go back to.

How to quickly rename a bunch of files

Nice little tool
for PC -
for MAC -

Going to Fools Gold

Matthew and I are headed up to dahlonega after lunch today to the manditory check-in for the Fools Gold Race. Temperature is supposed to be 100 today, 97 tomorrow. I've opted to ride the 50 miles tomorrow because of the heat, my finger is still half cut off (also my front break finger), I get to ride with Matt (since there are 2 different starting times) and I've never riden more than 30 miles in the dirt at one time. I'll do this, then a 6 or 12 hour race and THEN a 100 miler. So far about 90 people are registered (20 or so for the 100 miles). The loop is 51.38 miles with 8313 feet of climbing. Should be a fun event.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adobe Creative Suite 3...

In the process of upgrading all our software to CS3 and Coldfusion 8 (since the hosting servers are in the process of being upgraded). Operating systems and office software is next. Now the joys of relearning all the software we already know. (and Flex 3 is in beta). I guess this means my certifications are now out dated. So far the photoshop non-disintegrating filters are fantastic AND... you can import edit and manipulate video content inside of Photoshop... awesome. (After Effects users cringe).

If you haven't seen this. It's a nice little flex app with free tutorials on all of the Adobe products -

Alternative User Interfaces

Some very interesting and creative UI and technologies coming around... (pulled from an AFFUG email discussion).

Bumptop desktop -
Jeff Han: Unveiling the genius of multi-touch interface design -
Microsoft Surface -
Here is a good overview of the last 2 -
Of course Apple got the jump on them with the iPhone

20 Min. Weights (core and upper body) + 1 Hour Spin

Saving the legs for Saturday. I've decided to change my  mountain bike event on Saturday to 50 miles. I'm targeting 5 hours to finish. Not really sure what is realistic since I haven't ridden more than 30 miles in the dirt at once before and the course is still a little unknown.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adobe onAir Tour in Atlanta

The BUS was here today at the FOX Theater. Got some SWAG, good overview of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) beta product as well as some great examples of work. Lots of food, good speakers (bad PA system). If you don't know about it, basically, it's a way for website developers to develop applications to run on the desktop (PC, MAC and Linux) -

Monday, August 13, 2007

Frequency 650 Website Update

Updated the portfolio with all the projects we've been posting to the blog. 6 Months worth. It's always an internal battle on how to categorize the sections. Organized by flash or no flash, database or no database, by year, by technology, best projects first or by client name recognition, projects done only in-house or with other companies... does anybody really care?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family Visit

Grandma Spievack and Amie (Leslie's sister) flew in yesterday to visit Aidan (and us too I guess). We all made it to Kagan's birthday party yesterday. It was an Ugly Party. -  Dozens of screaming kids and screaming parents. Grilled burgers and hot dogs. Aidan loved it.

MTB Ride

Perfect weather out this morning. Slept a little lake and was riding alone today so I opted for exploring the local trails a little more over a 45 min. drive up to Chicopee Woods. A short 4 mile ride over to the trails. 30 yards in I bounced off a root into a tree. The tree had a torn vine wrapped around it. I impaled one of my fingers into a torn crushed by the bars and forward momentum. After my shoulder took the rest of the blow I slid around the tree over the bike on-to the ground pulling my arm around the tree and tearing the impaled finger as well. The 1/2 inch gash left both hands bloodied and me wondering what happened. A full camelback cleaned the blood off the hands, bike, shoes and the wound to see fat and muscle tissue sticking out. Nice. This is also the one time I decided to wear my sleeveless jersey so the bark and vines could make direct contact with the skin.

As I'm riding back to the house holding my hand trying to figure out what happened... I've been riding my mountain bikes for 15 years. I don't do things like that. What is wrong with me? I realize I had locked both shocks on the bike and forgotten to switch them on, thus bouncing off the roots which was unexpected.

What a tard. The new bike has lock-outs which I didn't have before and riding on the road over to the trails doesn't make sense to leave them on sense it's just wasting pedaling effort. Finally a cool day out and I destroy myself right at the start.

My father-in-law (the doctor) has suggested letting the injury bleed for a while to let it heal from the inside out and make sure no problems arise. Evidently thorns, either by the bush or other things coming into contact with them, could cause problems if I stitch it up. Just what I wanted the week before the Fools Gold event.

Here is a picture of it 2 days later.

finger 2 days later

Saturday, August 11, 2007

46.5 Miles w/ Tucker Ride

2 Hours 10 min. total. Late to the start, the group was turning off of main street when I got to the high school. Hammered from the house to catch them just past Ace Hardware. Try and catch my breath for a few minutes before the hills start. 22.1 mph avg speed for the group ride. Lots of accellerations and strung out pace lines throughout the end of the ride. The peleton kept spliting. Work, but fun. Got the hr up to 199 closing a gap before the final sprint. I don't think I've gone over 197 except for racing. I'm starting to feel strong again. Not 100% but on an upward trend. Lots of people out there that I didn't expect since the Dahlonega race is this weekend.

Lots of news on the Pro Cycling front

Discovery is gone, we knew that. But no one is picking them up. Hincapi is already signed to T-Mobile and Johan Bruyneel is retiring -

Gerolsteiner may not renew it's contract either (half way down the page) - Petacchi is still in trouble for using his asthma meds (or was he doping? -

And if you haven't heard... Andrey Kashechkin (Astana) tested positive for an out-of-competition drug test and Iban Mayo tested positive in the Tour.

The PROS are working hard at not ever wanting a company to sponsor them.

Friday, August 10, 2007

14.5 Mile MTB Evening Ride

Took the BMC out last night from 7:30 pm to 9:00 for an evening ride from the house. Found the Tucker "secret trails". 2 loops around a 3 mile course ending in the dark (I brought lights). No goals for the ride, no hrm, just enjoyed the ride. Lots of fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lance vs Landis: The Leadville 100 showdown

This 100 mile mountain bike race in Leadville, CO is August 11, this Saturday. Landis has been training is a former mtb pro prior to his roadie career. Lance was going to race, then no, then yes, now no. I'm betting he shows up. I'm thinking the Leadville veterans will kick both there butts.

Here is a little more info on it -

UPDATE - Landis finished 2nd -

34 Miles w/ Pizza Ride

Rode with Dana to the start from the house. Very hot out today. Had fun racing with the front crew starting about half way to the mountain. Ended up in the front pulling the group up the hills on the first loop... blew up.. oh well. Back to the house for some pizza.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

sIFR - Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses? - a method to insert rich typography into web pages without sacrificing accessibility, search engine friendliness, or markup semantics. The ability to replace short sections of plain text by displaying in the font YOU select, using a combination of Javascript, CSS, and Flash. The technique is called sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement).

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just Finished - CD for Porex

Developed in Flash and XML - Porex materials are used in a wide variety of filtration, venting, wicking, diffusion and media support applications. 2,500 discs for the inital distribution. This project was developed for and designed by Houston&. You can see our development version here -

Porex CD

30 Min. Weights + 20 Min. Recovery Spin

Still recovering from the Sunday event.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Covington Century - Holy Hell

That sucked... The goal was to stay with the A group at 25 mph and finished the century in under 4 hours. I did this ride last year for the 50 mile loop which breaks off at the 40 mile mark but got dropped at 33 miles.

This year I had 5 large water bottles, 3 packs of Cliff blocks and 6 gels. I was ready. Started at 8:00 am about 1/3 of the way back in a pack of around 100 people. Large groups of people were passing on the left side of the road and I ended up about 2/3 of the way back very shortly. I never really got comfortable and my heart rate was over 180 bpm 5 minutes into the ride. Oh, did I mention it was hot. I hadn't counted on the extra water bottles adding weight to the rolling hills, the legs were feeling it. Probably should have brought only 2 smaller ones or a camelback.

I stuck to the food plan and ate every 20 minutes for the first hour and finished off 1 bottle (now ditched at the 25 mile sag stop). We were a few minutes ahead of schedule for the first hour. Tri Mark (don't know his last name) demonstrated how to relieve himself while riding on the opposite side of the road for the entire peleton to witness (only 1 mile before the turn around sag stop where everyone stops for a nature break anyway) - clearly marking this ride as his! I saw and talked to 7 or 8 people I know from the group rides around town.

The second hour had more climbs and the pace was high on the climbs which made sure people were consistently falling off the back (this is where I dropped last year). Now I'm hanging around the back of the group (because people are disappearing off the back) and the sun is starting to come out. Between starting to over heat and sour stomach from the blocks and gels my food intake slowed, along with the water. This was not good because I was working even harder. I saw the turn off of the 80 mile loop and then another sag stop (4 or 5).

Then it happened, at 48 miles... the engine shut down... and the group was gone. Crap. I'm now 2 hours in, stuck on the 100 mile loop and no one around. Not only did I have to slow down but everything shut down. It became hard to ride at 15 mph. I was done. The sun was all the way up now creeping into the 90's with no shade anywhere. The road was deserted other than an occasional triathlete blowing by every 1/2 hour or so. All I wanted to do was be done. I drug myself to the sag at mile 75 and camped for a little while in the only shade I had seen in hours. Bob and Sue pulled up on the tandem, smiling and looking fresh... while I looked and felt like road kill.

The ride to the sag at mile 91 was pathetic. Slow. Painful. The blacktop felt like it was literally cooking me. I stopped to look at the map a couple of times to find short cut but nothing looked like it would make much difference. I almost stopped at a gas station for AC and food... then realized I had no money on me, doh! Did I mention it was hot! I kept looking for shaded any areas near the side of the road to pull over and just lay down for a few minutes... nothing anywhere. Who picked this route and set an early August date to do it. RTarded. Bob and Sue came by again and told me to jump on. This was great... back up to 23+ miles an hour, hr up over 180 bpm again and I'm for sure ready to die. Thanks for the help but I'll see you later. 8 miles down the road I roll into the sag at mile 91. I'm over heated and feeling sick. Found a nice big chunk of ice to cool me off in the shade for a few minutes. I'm now thinking if I try to get the last 9 or 10 miles back, I'm going to be sick for sure. I want real food and if I push it I won't be able to eat until way late tonight. Oooo, is that a car picking someone up. Had to muster the energy to get up and walk 20 feet to beg for a ride back to the start. Hell yea, a bribe of $20 gets a ride to the start. (at least for conversation, they didn't really want the money) My health started to degrade as I wait for them to re-arrange the bikes to get mine on. (A husband who rode the 50 was picking up his wife and a friend who were also over heated). We made it about 2 miles down the road when I had to ask them to pull over so I could puke. Nice. Second time in a month. They were very nice about it and I felt 100% better.

Back to the car, alive. Bob and Sue parked 4 cars over from me? Huh. They were relaxing and gave me a Mr. Pibb. Nice. What a harsh day... not fun. All I was thinking about out there in the heat, alone was I could be playing with Aidan in the pool today. 24.4 mph avg speed till I was dropped - 19.1 for the day (sad), 3566 ft of climbing (though it felt like a LOT more), 161 avg hr. This is the first goal I've set for this season that I haven't been able to reach so it gives me something to shoot for next year. I'm disappointed but only slightly.


Friday, August 3, 2007

New Clients / Client Updates

Frequency 650 just secured new projects for Dostart Development (a developer in Silicon Valley), Rosewood Resort in Telluride (with Blue Marble Media and Voyager), RJT plus R (Architecture firm), Ivy Group (forensics for buildings), CSi (concrete construction) and Kimberly Darlington (Property Managment) as well as site updates for Palmasola and Roth Distributing.

We just finished 2 flash files for Bearington Bears (for Blue Marble Media), a flash header for White Electronics Design (for Houston&), site updates for Equity Investment Corp., Punta Mita, Strategy First Partners and Lumen Source.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

30 Min Weights + 1 Hours Spin Bike

Upper body and core, no legs. High cadence easy spin. Now I'll rest until Sunday.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

30 Miles with the Northlake Ride

Very fast, as usual. 1 loop with the front group as planned. Want to save the legs for this weekend.

Just Launched - El Milagro - Another site for the ICON Group, developed as part of the Three Amigos. A real estate development in Baja, Mexico.

El Milagro

Monday, July 30, 2007

30 Min Weights + 30 Min Recovery Ride

Easy weights and a recovery spin at the gym this morning. Tucker ride tomorrow, weights and ride on Wednesday then 3 days off before the covington ride.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour de France is Over...

I'm happy... and sad. Discovery took everyone to the cleaners. I have to go back to work now... and give the TV back to Leslie.

30 Mile MTB Ride

Jake Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Cooper Gap, Hightower Gap, Puncheon Gap, Frying Pan Gap, Deerlick Gap (who names these things), Winding Stair Gap, Turner Creek, Jones Creek. Back up to Dahlonega again today, alone, to ride some of the rest of the Fools Gold 100 course. Mostly fire roads with lots of climbing. 4633 feet of it today. 9 mph avg. 3 Hours 20 min. of riding but 4+ hours with getting lost and looking at maps. Muddy start in the singe track but better on the fire roads. Great weather. Went through the US Army base up there too. (not exactly secure). These trails are shared by horses... I'm getting a little tired of riding around poop and smelling it all day. The ride is now 3 weeks away. This is going to be a TOUGH ride. The trails are brutal the entire way. I'm worried about the cut off time. Even if I'm feeling strong, I have to get to 94 miles before 7:45 pm. That's 13 Hours 10 minutes after I start. It's going to be really close. Covington next weekend... 4 hour century... we'll see.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

35 Mile Ride with Pizza Ride

Rode from the house to the start of the Pizza ride with Dana. Unfortunatly, there was a crash on the first loop and Connie went down along with half a dozen crunched riders. I got by with only a crushed hand. Everyone seemed to be OK. A fire truck showed up. The group ride was over... back to the house.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rasmussen Wins Stage 16 and then Rabobank pulls him from the Tour and fires him?

For probable doping in the off season and lying about his whereabouts? What the hell.

Moreni tested positive and the Cofidis team has dropped out of the tour. Ironic since that is a French team (Moreni is Italian though) and they protested at the start of Stage 15 against dopers.

Denis Menchov just dropped out of the Tour at the feed area of stage 17 today. He was to be the CG leader for Rabobank before Rasmussen's performance. He's been helping him for the last 2 weeks. Sad.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

40 Miles with the Northlake Ride

Left a little early for the ride today and did the full ride so I got some extra miles in. Felt good and strong but got dropped on the back side of the second loop. Took it into the red zone and couldn't recover in-time to catch back on. Didn't feel so bad when 2 other Cat 3 riders got dropped as well. 21 mph avg speed for the group ride (24 miles). I kind of expected this since I've been doing longer, less intense workouts lately. Starting to ramp the speed back up again but I'm a little concerned with the Covington Century only a week and a half away.

The Almost

Since Dana was nice enough to share some "interval music", thought I would share as well. So here's one from "The Almost" - Say This Sooner. This is the drummer and one of the singers for Underoath (Aaron Gillespie), although this time he recorded everything himself. Caution, some of the other songs contain “religious” references… I warned you.

[youtube -feOdmmdFw8 nolink]

Dammit Vino!

My pick to win the TDF (prior to the start) Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for a banned blood transfusion and is leaving the Tour along with the rest of the team.

45 Min Weights

This typically means (as it did today) that I did legs, upper body and core work. It's strange how my focus has changed over the years. I used to spend 1 hour working on only 2 muscle groups with lots of excercises and pyramiding sets with a goal to gain muscle mass. Now, I cram in an entire body work out into 45 minutes to 1: gain strength in my legs, 2:NOT look like a toothpick cyclist and 3:Overall fitness will help me keep proper form on the bike and keep from getting hurt.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

20 Miles @ Jake / Turner / Jones / Bull MTN MTB ride

Needed to get some miles on the Fools Gold 100 course in the Dahlonega area. It's 2, 50 mile loops so Matthew (who signed up for the 50) and I went up to ride some of the course on the newer trails. The beginning is mostly fire roads and I've been on Bull MTN several times so we skipped those parts but covered most of the rest of the ride. Several sections were un-ridable but there were also some very fun new single track areas. We kept and easy pace for most of the ride to figure out about how fast and long the ride would take. I think a realistic pace is about 8 mph on most of this course which means 12.5 hours of riding plus stops. Today - 2 Hours 28 min, 2805 calories burned, 138 avg hr, 3000 ft of climbing which means 7000+ for each loop of the course. Lots of map checks, a little lost, many horses, few riders.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

45 Min Weights + 50 Min Spin

At the gym this morning. Forgot how boring it was to sit on the spin bike alone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Aidan!

My son is 2 years old today. When asked to comment on the subject for the website he said, "cracker?" hummm.... Finished the day off with a cup cake. Big party on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Northlake Ride - 29.5 Miles

Tough... started well, strong up the Midvale road / climb, up in the front for the sprint next to the Pepsi factory (finishes at the blue sign, now I know). Rain started on the road into the park. Heavy rain. Hammered the climbs because downhill was sketchy in the pack, limited breaking, couldn't see with the rain and my eyes were burning the entire loop between the sweat and rain and water from the other riders it was impossible. I had to sit just of the back to get any kind of sight. I was on the limit the entire loop. Not fun. I don't mind riding in the rain but that kind of riding will be saved for race day rain. I'll bring goggles.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Photoshop: Show us where it hurts

Tell Adobe how to make Photoshop faster.

Joe and Jennifer Remling Carve their own Road - The fam went to Piedmont Park tonight for the Remlings send off party. They are traveling around the US interviewing people for Carve Your Own Road, the book they are writing this summer.  They have partnered with Airstream and given them a 27 foot travel trailer to use for the adventure.

Leslie does the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon

Well, the bike leg of a relay team. Aidan and I held down the fort for a boy's night and day. Les said it was a great event and had lots of fun. She competed with her friends Katherine (who swam) and Lauren (who ran).

1 Hour Weights + 25 Min Elliptical

Time to get back to the gym and get some muscle mass back. Heavy on the leg weights, normal upper body and core. Easy cardio. Still haven't gotten all my weight back. Hovering around 170 lbs.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blankets MTB Ride

First ride with the new BMC. Mostly good. Didn't have too much time to ride, 20 miles. Matthew, Remling, Dayna and Craig joined me for some dirt action. Craig took us on a tour of some of the new trails. Climbing, steep technical climbing. uh. The bike handles really well but I need to spend some time dialing it in. Too much air in the shocks, beat me up quite a bit, cables are already stretched, ghost shifting all over the place after 8 miles, seat is sliding down. Nothing major just newness / break in. I'm hoping to get 2 more rides in before the "Big Event". Planning on a road race and the Covington century between now and then.

Leslie is in Chattanooga for the tri tomorrow. She's doing it relay style with 2 others. Bike leg and maybe the run if Lauren is not feeling well. Guys night, just Aidan and I.

My favorite TV time of the year. The first week of the TDF has been great. TIVO rules. Usually slow during the flat stages but exciting at the finish. All of the sprinters stepped up and Cancellara was a great first week leader. Tomorrow should be very exciting.

Friday, July 13, 2007

New BMC Mountain Bike!

Bad Ass! Oh ya. Just picked it up today from Bicycle Link. First ride out at Blankets tomorrow morning at 9 am, any takers? 28.7 pounds (was hoping for closer to 26 but that's OK) BMC 2007 fourstroke 3 frame, all XT components, Rock Shox Reba Race fork. Yes, I know the peddles don't match (using my old ones as well as my old wheels and seat). I'm now ready for the Fools Gold 100 on August 18th. Of course Aidan wanted to ride it.

mtb1.jpg mtb2.jpg mtb3.jpg mtb4.jpg mtb5.jpg mtb6.jpg

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pizza Ride

33 Miles. 20.8 avg mph. Good day today. Big group but some of the regulars were missing because of GC Rome race this weekend (Dana). Went too soon for the sprint inside the park, 4th starting up the hill but passed by the group just before the finish... wherever that is. I keep thinking it's the speed limit sign? We start with about 80 people when we hit the park and by the end of the second loop were down to 20 or so. Would have had the final sprint had I jumped 2 seconds earlier. Lots of power today. Legs feel really good. Finished second.

Just Launched - Harrison Design Associates - HDA had F650 use an existing website design and build a Flex Content Managment System that should be used as an application for NASA to organize and categorize photos. Instead it's a multi-leveled application for HDA to show their hundreds of portfolio projects and a tool for managment to show potential clients an even larger number of projects and detail examples. Phase one just launced. The heavy lifting on the development was done by Precia Carraway and Teddy Payne.


HELLYEAH - Some Easy Listening

45 Min Weights

Upper body and core today. Saving the legs for the pizza ride tonight.

Client Updates

Frequency 650 has posted updates to,, and launched the monthly e-blast for Punta Mita

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aidan Gets a Hair Cut

The last 3 attempts to get Aidan's hair cut have been... unsuccessful. Today was a success.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Northlake Ride

30 Miles, I cut the out early again (always an excuse) I did only one loop but managed to stay at the front. Not recovered from the Sunday effort.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

156 Mile Mega Bike Ride

As part of my base training plan for a mountain bike race I have coming up next month, I decided to put a very long ride in to see what happens after 8+ hours of riding.

The Plan: Start at Forence Road (mile marker 11.2) on Silver Comet, ride 22 miles to Coot's Lake, where I met Matthew, 55 mile Coopermine loop, 56 mile Taylorsville loop, 22 miles back to the car.

Perfect weather, drizzly rain at the start down to the lake but was just a little wet with overcast most of the day. Matt and I rode side by side the entire day, not drafting, not once for the entire ride. I wasn't going to get any help on the MTB ride anyway. Matt rode strong, not budging one inch the entire 111 miles he rode with me. The 2 loops are tough hill rides (I could have picked much easier places to get a century ride in). We stopped twice for food (hot dog and chips and apple, banana and chips) and another 2 times for drinks. We managed a 16.8 mph pace for the first loop (silver comet and coopermine loop). 17.1 mph for the Taylorsville loop. Actually faster for the 2nd loop which took me to 133 miles. Everything after 110 miles felt weak, still outputting power I just felt weak. I should have stopped here at Matts car and called it a good day. At this point I was tired and weak but wanted to finish what I started. Matthew packed up and I went to the store to get more water (couldn't get any more food down at this point). I had 7 hours and 51 minutes of riding time at this point. I was thinking it would be about 9 hours of riding time so we were on pace for the day. Side note: my calves were contracting while sitting down at the last 2 rest stops on their own.

After a slow 10 minutes of riding up the comet I managed to pick the pace back up for about 25 minutes. At some point in time on this part of the ride, my Garmin (bike computer) died. It had been on for 10 hours or so including stops. I had mile markers on the trail so I knew how far I had to go but no idea of speed or overall stats. I got to mile 147 and started to feel nauseous and dizzy so I stopped at one of the benches. It seems that was my breaking point. After a few minutes of throwing up I felt better, only 9 miles left. The hardest and longest of my life. Once I got to the car it was all I could do to get my jersey unpacked and race to the grass to continue my heaving fest. Worst this time. How could I have anything left? I recovered and made it to Wendy's where I was only able to eat a few fries, a couple sips of coke and 1 bit of chicken. A small frosty gave me enough energy to get home in time to put Aidan to bed. Job done, I'm rTarded.

9.5 hours, 10,000+ calories burned, 6000+ feet of climbing, 142 avg hr - even after getting home and getting my appetite back, I had lost 8 pounds

156 Mile Ride Chart

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Tour de France has Started!

Prologue in London today. I'm picking Bradley Wiggins for the win today.

30 Min Weights + 1 Hour Spin

The legs are destroyed from the Peachtree run. I should probably try running a few times before the race to keep this from happening.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Launched - HADP Architecture - Harper Aiken Donahue and Partners are an Atlanta Based Architectural firm with 7 offices in the south east. The site features an extensive portfolio, some flash features and a content management system for client updates.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Peachtree Road Race 10K

Happy 4th! Les and I ran the Peachtree this morning, just like every year. Good temperature (low 70's). We both ran Peachtree personal bests. Les ran it at 61 minutes and I finished in 55 minutes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

30 Mile Tucker Ride

Only 19 Miles with the group. This ride ends in Stone Mountain with everyone going there own way. We're running the Peachtree tomorrow so only one loop with the group. Legs were good, almost fully recovered from the century ride. Pulled through the front a few times in the park.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Construction MF - Day 59-64 - DONE

Were finished! Today was small project day. We've installed the backsplash, touch-up paint, turned the beverage fridge door around, hung bathroom mirrors and accessories (though the office fan is still on the floor behind me). A hectic few months but it looks like we survived and love the final product. Woohoo!

Cartersville Century 2007

97.58 Miles, 5 Hours 3 Minutes, 19.2 avg mph, 148 avg hr, 6780 calories burned, 4576 feet of climbing which seems like a lot less than it felt like.

Lots of people there but our group consisted of Reger, Dana, Lisa, Keith and few tag-alongs that jumped on as we came by them. Matthew and Dayna were a few minutes behind us. Spotted Hunter, Danielle, Michelle and a few of the group ride regulars at the start or during the ride. We started with the major group and leapfrogged around people until there weren't any left (about 45 minutes of riding time). 3 stops but the sags had fruit, sandwiches and drinks really needed for this mileage and heat. Dana and I pulled for the day leaving Lisa and Reger in base mode. Dana and I jumped away from the group for the last 20 miles to chase down someone who had been sitting in the back of our little pack for the previous 60 miles. It was strange because from this point on the roads flattened out, no more rolling hills so you could set a pace and hold it.

Everybody rode well, good company and fun ride overall. Props to my break away buddy Dana for helping to set the pace for the day and always riding strong. Very different than the speedy group rides as of late. I think this was a good pace for 100 miles without group help and on rolling terrain. Got my sites set on a 130 to 150 mile ride next weekend, trying to stay with the front group on the Covington Century ride and the Fools Gold 100 mile mountain bike race in August.

Dana's recap on the day -

Joe's recap on the day (lots of detail) -

Thursday, June 28, 2007

33 Mile Pizza Ride

Big group 60 to 80 people? Hard to tell. Still not feeling 100% but getting better. 20.4 avg speed. Some interesting things happened on this ride. I intended to move up through the group on the second climb in the back hills but instead ended up passing the peleton and leading / chasing down 1 rider off the front all the way to the 3rd climb. I eased up and moved back into the pack thinking the legs might quite on me but it really wasn't a problem. This is a first for me. The few other times I've done things like this I haven't been able to recover. The group is also doing 2 loops inside the park now... joy. We ended up with 15 to 20 people at the park sprint. I was in the middle somewhere. Didn't have it to compete but happy to be there. Jeff Blou was the speed demon at the final sprint. I waited too long - 4th. I'm thinking my legs are getting stronger because my overall cadence is going down and I don't use anything but my large chain ring on the group rides. This may have an overall fatigue factor but it seems to help for the sprints and climbs. Headed to the Cartersville Century on Saturday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Northlake / Tucker Ride - 30 Miles

I'm still sick but on the up turn I think. Had a plan to go with the group out to the mountain and if I was feeling OK by the time we got there, I would do 1 loop with the group and then head back home. Les was making dinner on the new oven and I don't need to push it and get more sick. Stayed with the group, no problem, just felt a little week like I didn't have a full tank of energy... to be expected. Saw Dana in the park and few of the regulars.

Construction MF - Day 54-58

Kitchen plumbing is in. I had to rewire the air switch for the disposal (mix match of plug and hard wire). Installed the 2 front lights out front as well (again, had to create a custom fix to get the lights mounted on the existing boxes embedded in the brick). The beverage center is in (they were nice enough to scratch our new floor installing it). Leslie has unpacked the entire kitchen and organized everything. The oven and hood vent are currently being installed. Stainless back splash Thursday (we hope).

The oven is in! That thing frigin incredible. Leslie initiated the stove tonight... ahhhh, real food again.

con6-26-1.jpg con6-26-2.jpg con6-26-3.jpg con6-26-4.jpg con6-26-5.jpg con6-26-6.jpg con6-26-7.jpg