Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tour de Tucker

1 Hour 25 Min. bike ride around the neighborhood with Reger and Dana. We started at 5:30 (dark) and got a nice bike ride in. Got to see lots of X-mas lights, well, after we went back and got lights for Joe and Dana... I know. It also gave me a chance to try out my new Garmin Edge 305. F'in Awesome, except for some reason it stopped recording after 10 miles. We only rode about 13 but still what the??? It gives me some interesting new stats such as we climbed 957 feet on our little route. It's hilly back here. Dana's driveway is a 12.5% grade (I think). It gives me stats based on heart rate zones so I know how far I rode, how fast, how much I climbed or descended and how much time I spent in 5 different heart rate zones. This will be good to know if I'm pushing it too hard during the winter base period. Plus it has GPS so know where we went in the dark. Because I was lost.

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