Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Lights Ride @ Stone Mountain

Dana's daughter Brit came over and watched Aidan, awesome - a new babysitter for us, while we joined 6 others (Reger, Dana, Vanessa, Anna, Andreas and Kim) for a few loops around Stone Mountain in the dark to look at the lights. This was the first time Leslie and I have gone for a ride together since before Aidan was born. It was nice to get out with the group together. Leslie got to try out her new helmet and gloves. She'll break in the shoes and pedals on Sunday. Some of the lights were a little tough to see without my glasses and riding in the dark but still nice. A funny stat, we decided to do some muscle tension work tonight and left the bike in the hardest gear (53,12) including the climbs. My average cadence was 27 rpm! Crazy slow.

I stole a picture from Reger and Vanessa. (thanks) I guess the group shots didn't make it.

treo_122-1.jpg 12-20-06_1744.jpg

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