Monday, December 11, 2006

The Bottomless Pit

I was at home alone with Aidan tonight while Leslie went to spin class (I was out all day with work stuff). Aidan has been on a self imposed no solid food diet until last week. Tonight he scarfed up all of his oatmeal and 10 pounds of Cheerios at dinner. A bowl of Chex Mix (snack). A bowl of Teddy Grams (another snack). Then a full bottle of Milk to top the night off. Growing spurt??? He's back to his crazy active self in the evenings again... love it.


  1. Maybe now that he's carb loaded, he's ready for more dancing! Leslie said he took a hiatus from dancing since Thanksgiving.

  2. True, he hasn't been in a dancing mood. Maybe he needs an audience. I guess we need to have you over more often.