Sunday, December 10, 2006

50 Mile Airport Ride... again

This ride is getting faster each week. Much smaller group than normal today. Road down to the start with Dana, Joe Remling, Bob and Matthew. I saw Vannessa at the nature stop (nice new bike)! I found myself (and the rest of our little group) toward the back of the group when it split due to the pace just before the half way point. I bridged the gap pulling the rest of the group back together. Matt and I took our turn pulling at the front on the way back. Dana has mastered the skill of siting in about the 8th position but not taking her turn in the front. This is one way to win races if she drops her hat into that ring next season. I have to give her crap since she's stronger than I am. It seems Bob was also a reason the pace picked up a few times. Since Reger didn't make it, I guess he felt it was his job to try and break away from the front. It was a fun ride day.


  1. Yeah, that's great. But did your water bottle freeze up? Dawn Patrol was an interesting change of pace. Riding through sunrise I highly recommend. I could have waited for you guys in Palmetto. We passed through there around 7:30.

    There's a 100-120 miler going out of here on New Year's Day if your interested. Down to Pine Mountain and back.


  2. Thanks for all the work yesterday, it was nice to sit in the back and chat while you guys pulled us along at +24. I think i have a new ride strategy!

  3. Sorry I missed it! Sounds like it was a good one! Great new blog!