Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3 Gaps

Reger, Matthew and I made a trip up to Dahlonega for a stroll around the front 3 gaps this afternoon. We waited until after lunch for the temp to warm up, which was good because there was still snow at the top of each climb. Good thing I just got some booties for the feet. The goal was to keep the heart rate under 159. The Garmin beeped at me a dozen times or so to slow down. Ended up with a 143 avg. Not bad for 2:38 min of riding with 4011 feet of climbing. I'd like to head up there every couple of weeks. We're doing the back 3 next time. Hogpen... your next. Of course we finished with a Taco Bell feast.

418669169_ORIG.jpeg 418669168_ORIG.jpeg 418669167_ORIG.jpeg

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