Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Ride Review

It looks like today's ride will be the last one of 2006. It's been a fun riding season, got a new road bike, found some new group rides and friends to train with.

Grand totals include:
2700 miles covered on the bike
9682 minutes or 161.37 hours in spandex (the boys aren't happy but my sanity and waist line are)
25 pounds lost
Fastest ride: 21.8 avg, Covington Century 50 miles and Tucker ride 44.6 miles (which I got dropped at 22 miles and crashed in the rain)
Highest Heart Rate: 197 Pizza Ride
Longest ride: Serrano 4 hours 44 minutes, 83 miles
6 Paid events, 3 were mountain rides
100 total rides for the season.

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