Friday, November 24, 2006

Trip to REI to test Trainers

REI carries the 3 trainers I've been looking to purchase, or receive as a gift for the holidays. The Blackburn (1up re-branded), Cycleops fluid 2 and the Kenetics fluid trainer. I have to say, riding them all back to back, the Blackburn was better by far. The most quiet and best road simulation. It did have more plastic pieces but I think it wins by far. The Cycleops seems to have a flat spot in it like the cylinder was out of round or something. The Kenetics was fine, just a little noisier than the others. The legs of the Blackburn were too low when I first got on and managed to burn a hole in the carpet... dam funny. The smell of torched carpet lingered for a little while. Oh, they also had the Kenetics one the rocked from side to side when you stand up. The put elastomers in the joint so it was like a skateboard truck... just bouncy... terrible.

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