Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Ride Review

It looks like today's ride will be the last one of 2006. It's been a fun riding season, got a new road bike, found some new group rides and friends to train with.

Grand totals include:
2700 miles covered on the bike
9682 minutes or 161.37 hours in spandex (the boys aren't happy but my sanity and waist line are)
25 pounds lost
Fastest ride: 21.8 avg, Covington Century 50 miles and Tucker ride 44.6 miles (which I got dropped at 22 miles and crashed in the rain)
Highest Heart Rate: 197 Pizza Ride
Longest ride: Serrano 4 hours 44 minutes, 83 miles
6 Paid events, 3 were mountain rides
100 total rides for the season.

Aidan eats again

Aidan is stubborn. The eating battle has been waged for several months now. Our problem is, he won't even try the food we make for him. He just turns his head and pushes the plate away. Well over the past week, after an initial refusal to eat, he has given in a few times. Food conquered includes: Tamales, broccoli, brunswick stew, chicken tenders (again), baby corn and cream corn.

Athens is cursed, WBL Ride

Reger, Dana and I decided we would check out the Athens winter bike league ride today since it wasn't going to rain and it will tomorrow so the AP ride is out. The website says it's a 3+ hour ride around 20 mph avg. Lots of rules, serious ride.

It started out well; I forgot my power bars, my water (to drink in the car) and a towel in case we do get wet. Reger was running behind so we got a late start heading to Athens. We followed Joe's GPS which isn't always the best route, the wrong way down one way streets, in the wrong lane on the freeway, but we made it in time for the ride. It was supposed to be cloudy... no it was raining. Not just a little, everything was wet and it rained about half the ride. A giant turn out of maybe 15 people. The site says, there is a sag vehicle in case someone gets a flat. We'll somebody crashed (behind us somewhere, didn't see or hear it) and we all stopped and waited for them. I didn't see the car so I guess it stopped. We stopped for a nature break... they left us. A few minutes later, about the 40 minute mark, Reger gets a flat tire. Did the car stop after he was yelling, flat tire! No. What the hell. I chased down Dana and talked to the driver. They didn't care. Something about a dollar in the tip jar? We went back and picked up Joe to find our way back. Joe got another flat tire (glass in the tire). Change #2 in front a house with a dog (a boxer) running around an open yard... we moved down the road. Between the 3 of use we had 2 GPS units though there are no streets marked on it so it's great if there are roads to find and they happen to go in the direction you want. Made a few detours on the way back. Also picked up a couple of riders who got dropped somewhere on the way back in the rain. We looked like we had just finished mountain biking, with mud and road grime everywhere.

Almost 2 hours of riding, 30 miles... oh boy. Coach Chris was there. Said this was in his top 10 list of worst rides ever but this was not the norm for the ride. Dana had to have a burrito for lunch so we drove around for 15 minutes .3 miles from where we were at to find 3 parking places. Lunch was good, and cheap (college town). The drive back was also a joy. The lights are a mess and construction made the 20 to 30 min. addition to the drive a real joy. Though I am venting, it was better than not going riding.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Field Test / Fitness Test

Today was my fitness test day. 3 miles on the bike as fast as I can go. 10 min. recovery and do it again. 8:07, 180 avg HR, 22.3 avg mph. It seems like I should be able to go faster than that. I have before after 2 hours of riding, fighting in a group ride. Maybe that's better motivation for me. It was cold out and I feel stronger after about an hour of riding, not a 20 min warm up. However, the conditions were similar the last time I did this, my avg HR was higher but I was faster this time, so that means I'm doing something right? I need read up on this some more. I do this at Columns Drive near 400 and Powers Ferry. The road is mostly flat, 2.5 miles long so I have to do a 180 to finish the 3 mile course.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3 Gaps

Reger, Matthew and I made a trip up to Dahlonega for a stroll around the front 3 gaps this afternoon. We waited until after lunch for the temp to warm up, which was good because there was still snow at the top of each climb. Good thing I just got some booties for the feet. The goal was to keep the heart rate under 159. The Garmin beeped at me a dozen times or so to slow down. Ended up with a 143 avg. Not bad for 2:38 min of riding with 4011 feet of climbing. I'd like to head up there every couple of weeks. We're doing the back 3 next time. Hogpen... your next. Of course we finished with a Taco Bell feast.

418669169_ORIG.jpeg 418669168_ORIG.jpeg 418669167_ORIG.jpeg

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Aidan is now the master of tearing packages open. He's gives us the torn pieces and goes back for more. Of course he got tons of toys, too many to list but a very happy day for the boy. Leslie cooked all day, frittatas for breakfast, guacamole and salsa snacks and for dinner... Beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli and fresh salad... mmmmmmm.

xmas1.jpg xmas2.jpg xmas3.jpg

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lights at Stone Mountain

On X-Mas Eve, we took Aidan up to Stone Mountain to look at the lights. We did this on a fun bike ride earlier in the week however, Aidan wasn't there and we missed the best part. The entire Village was lit up. What seemed like millions of lights decorated every building and tree at each turn. It was very cool. Aidan had a great time looking at the lights.

lights1.jpg lights2.jpg lights3.jpg lights4.jpg

27 Miles at Silver Comet

Leslie and I joined Reger, Vanessa, Anna, Matthew and Stewart for a Christmas Eve ride on the SCT. The ride was at a social pace with goodies to eat at the end. Yummy. It's nice to find a group of people who like to celebrate a holiday with a bike ride.

Vanessa let me steal photos from her site, thanks!


Saturday, December 23, 2006


Holly cr!@#$p this movie looks like it will be GREAT! Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it. I've only read a few of Frank Miller's graphic novels but I thought his first attempt at transitioning to the movie media with Sin City, with the help of Robert Rodriguez, was very successful. At least as far as the look and story were concerned. (someone should have helped with the dialogue). Spartans vs the Persian army. Action, Cinematography, Special Effects, Valor... I'm excited.

Were ready for Christmas

The work doors are shut (finally). We went to our usual Los Hermanos Friday lunch. My parents made it to town yesterday and my brother has come to visit (from East Atlanta). We fought our way through millions of people at the Dekalb Farmers Market today, got gifts for Max and Jojo (the dogs) as well as a 7 lb beef tenderloin from the butcher, so the meal is covered. I guess now were ready for Christmas. Aidan played with his last Hanukah present; a swing and slide. He LOVES the slide. The parents will be babysitting tomorrow while Leslie and I go for a Christmas Eve ride with the tri crew out at Silver Comet. I'm looking forward to it.

slide3.jpg slide2.jpg slide1.jpg

Friday, December 22, 2006

Website Launched for Los Veneros

Frequency 650, as part of the 3 Amigos, just launched a 4 page portal website for Los Veneros. The site will continue to be developed through the beginning of 2007.

F650 Client - Prometheus Partners

Prometheus V, LLC recently acquired 54 Taco Bell restaurants and 1 Pizza Hut Express restaurant from a group of five YUM! franchisees. This is the latest of several active investments.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

1 Hour 25 Min. on the Trainer

More strength training tonight. This will continue through January. I really needed a ride tonight. Aidan is sick, teething and fussy all day, and work.... I'm surprised I have any hair left. Why is it everything needs to be done before Christmas? Nobody is going to be looking at it. Regardless, we HAD to build a website in 2 days along with site updates to 6 other clients websites today. The beginning of the week wasn't much better.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Lights Ride @ Stone Mountain

Dana's daughter Brit came over and watched Aidan, awesome - a new babysitter for us, while we joined 6 others (Reger, Dana, Vanessa, Anna, Andreas and Kim) for a few loops around Stone Mountain in the dark to look at the lights. This was the first time Leslie and I have gone for a ride together since before Aidan was born. It was nice to get out with the group together. Leslie got to try out her new helmet and gloves. She'll break in the shoes and pedals on Sunday. Some of the lights were a little tough to see without my glasses and riding in the dark but still nice. A funny stat, we decided to do some muscle tension work tonight and left the bike in the hardest gear (53,12) including the climbs. My average cadence was 27 rpm! Crazy slow.

I stole a picture from Reger and Vanessa. (thanks) I guess the group shots didn't make it.

treo_122-1.jpg 12-20-06_1744.jpg

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aidan is Sick

We made it back from Florida last night. Went very well with the exception of trying to get out of long term parking. They have an automated system now for use with a credit card and it tried to rip us off. A 20 minute fiasco. I was up late trying to get work back in line. I had a dinner business meeting too. Aidan was already sick before we left but now he's miserable. Eyes half closed, red and watering, running nose, coughing... he's a mess. You wish there was something you could do but all you can really do is comfort him. We spent some quality time watching TV today.

Tour de Tucker

1 Hour 25 Min. bike ride around the neighborhood with Reger and Dana. We started at 5:30 (dark) and got a nice bike ride in. Got to see lots of X-mas lights, well, after we went back and got lights for Joe and Dana... I know. It also gave me a chance to try out my new Garmin Edge 305. F'in Awesome, except for some reason it stopped recording after 10 miles. We only rode about 13 but still what the??? It gives me some interesting new stats such as we climbed 957 feet on our little route. It's hilly back here. Dana's driveway is a 12.5% grade (I think). It gives me stats based on heart rate zones so I know how far I rode, how fast, how much I climbed or descended and how much time I spent in 5 different heart rate zones. This will be good to know if I'm pushing it too hard during the winter base period. Plus it has GPS so know where we went in the dark. Because I was lost.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fire Fire Fire... truck

The local Stewart police and fire department put on a "parade"... of 5 vehicles. Afterward, Aidan got to sit in the fire truck, play in the park and frolic at the beach (for the first time). Loved it!

park4.JPG park3.JPG park2.JPG park1.JPG

50 Min. Run, 50 Min. Ride

After 3 days of rain, the sun finally came out. Leslie and I went for a short run and I jumped on my father-in-law's Cannondale hybrid cruiser bike. Lots of bridges with wide bike lanes to ride here.

Aidan goes on a french fry diet

Since we've gotten here, Aidan has decided not to eat much. Oatmeal, some waffles and Chex Mix is about it. The one thing he always eats are french fries. Steak and Shake was the lunch of choice today.

Aidan Photo-0008.jpg

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Launched - Mita Residential

Frequency 650 just launched a new website for Mita Residential, the official Punta Mita property rental company. The site showcases high end villas, condos and haciendas for rent in Punta Mita, Mexico. The site was developed by The 3 Amigos team.

Friday, December 15, 2006

First Night of Hanukah

Talk about the best of both worlds. Since Leslie is Jewish, Aidan gets 8 days worth of gifts from everyone in her family. Starting on the first night, he made out like a bandit. We'll be renting a UPS cargo plane to get all of this stuff back home. Then after all of this, we get to celebrate Christmas with my family... more presents more presents. Oh, since he didn't have a designated chair to sit in, he claimed one of the dog beds for his snack time.

aidan1.JPG aidan2.JPG aidan3.JPG

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Project – Los Veneros

The 3 Amigos team just received approval on a new brochure website for a real estate development north of Puerto Vallarta called Los Veneros.

Florida, the Not So Sunshine State

We made the flight to West Palm Beach today, bumpy flying into pouring rain. Aidan was a trooper since the flight was delayed and the flight extended due to weather. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Off to Florida

The family is off to Florida bright and early tomorrow morning to visit Grandma and Grandpa S. and the dogs are off to camp at 6:30 am. Life goes on hold for a few days... except for... the cell phone, internet email, a laptop and... I guess only the location and people change. If only I could figure out a way to get my bike in my carry on bag.

3 Days of MS SQL

I just finished 3 days of having SQL crammed down my throat for 7 hours at a time. Do I know more now then I did when I started... Oh ya. Most interesting topic... no. Clients will be happy to know I'm back working on your projects.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

1 Hour 15 Min. 1 Person Spin Class

The bike is in the shop so my only ride choice is the Gym. Or mountain bike in the dark. Since my favorite spin teacher, Vanessa, is no longer servicing our LA Fitness, the Tuesday night class has no permanent instructor. No body showed up today. Just as well. This way I could follow my training plan of strength training. 8 min. low cadence BIG gear, 7 min. recovery and repeat for an hour. There were 2 other people in there for a little while. I actually made a few phone calls to make efficient use of the time since I didn't bring my mp3 player. That was weird, never done that. Keith walked in at one point. That guy is always there. Said he would have taught the class had he known...

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Bottomless Pit

I was at home alone with Aidan tonight while Leslie went to spin class (I was out all day with work stuff). Aidan has been on a self imposed no solid food diet until last week. Tonight he scarfed up all of his oatmeal and 10 pounds of Cheerios at dinner. A bowl of Chex Mix (snack). A bowl of Teddy Grams (another snack). Then a full bottle of Milk to top the night off. Growing spurt??? He's back to his crazy active self in the evenings again... love it.

Garmin edge 403

My gift from my loving wife this year is a Garmin 403 bike computer / GPS / HR monitor / cadence / toaster... ok not the last one but it's cool and does lots of stuff. The bikes in the shop getting tuned and will soon be equiped my new wonder toy... I mean training tool.

The Mita - HTML email for Punta Mita

Sent out the December issue tonight. We use Constant Contact to manage distribution for this campain. This is the 10th edition. Users can sign up on the Punta Mita website.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

50 Mile Airport Ride... again

This ride is getting faster each week. Much smaller group than normal today. Road down to the start with Dana, Joe Remling, Bob and Matthew. I saw Vannessa at the nature stop (nice new bike)! I found myself (and the rest of our little group) toward the back of the group when it split due to the pace just before the half way point. I bridged the gap pulling the rest of the group back together. Matt and I took our turn pulling at the front on the way back. Dana has mastered the skill of siting in about the 8th position but not taking her turn in the front. This is one way to win races if she drops her hat into that ring next season. I have to give her crap since she's stronger than I am. It seems Bob was also a reason the pace picked up a few times. Since Reger didn't make it, I guess he felt it was his job to try and break away from the front. It was a fun ride day.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Holiday Shopping

Ugh... out and about early but this is not my favorite month. Still cranking on work today as well. Put up the tree. Aidan loves it... keeps taking everything off and almost pulling it down. It will be a fun daily task trying to save the tree.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Taqueria Los Hermanos

We have gone here every Friday for lunch for over a year now. It's become our second home. We know one of the brothers by name as well as one of the servers. We let Aidan eat chips with us today. He tried tortilla chips a few months ago but had some problems. He did great... until chip #4. Probably scraped his throat. He wasn't very happy. Didn't eat much after that. The picture is right before the melt down.

Yes I know, my camera phone pictures are terrible.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Marist Flash Portal Launched

Tomorrow a simple flash HTML email will go out linked to a flash presentation to solicit donations for Marist School. Clean and simple. You can see it here.

30 Minutes Weights and Spin Class

Went to Sudi's spin class tonight. A whole 6 people there. We climbed for 45 minutes with no breaks.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

New Frequency 650 website version 4 is LIVE!

We FINALY launched the next version of the company website. It's been 80% done for at least 1 year. It needs some tweaking but at least there are some newer projects up in the portfolio.

1 hour of weights, 1 hour 24 minutes on the trainer

It seems it's good to work on strength training the same day you ride. You supposedly produce more watts on the ride because the leg muscles have been pushing heavy weights already. Yes, there is a lot more to this but that's the just of it. And why 1 hour and 24 minutes? Because I was supposed to ride for 1:45 but since I was on the trainer, I cut off 20% due to no downhills, lights, cars, people and any other hazard out on the road. I'm following Carmichael's training plan to the letter. And if I still suck... there's no hope.

Levitt is Done...well, our part is

Frequency 650 developed some flash headers for the Levitt and Sons new website. It's been handed off to the rest of their development team to run to the finish.

Chicken Biscuit?

Aidan went to Tumbling again today. Afterward everyone headed over to Chick fil A for breakfast and let the kids roam around the indoor play area. First time I've had a breakfast burrito in probably 10 years. Leslie of course had a chicken biscuit.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Dance and Sing

At 9:30 this morning Leslie took Aidan to "The Music Class". Controlled chaos for the little ones to do anything they want for an hour. Leslie braved it while I worked.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

50 mile Airport Ride

Met Joe Remling, Joe Reger and Dana for the AP ride today. No problems for the first time. Everybody made it back with the group. No flats or dropped phones. I felt strong today so I took my turn at the front a few times. Went a little hard on the first one and had to move back and recover but toward the end I could rotate through without a problem.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Stone Mountain Playground

Took Aidan over to the park this afternoon to hit the big playground at Stone Mountain. We did this after lunch at Jason's and a trip to PetSmart and Toys R Us so he was only good for about 30 minutes before needing a nap. I think he was asleep before we even left the park.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Shots for everyone, and not the drinking kind

Aidan had to get a flu shot today. Leslie got one too. This morning, Leslie took the dogs in to get there's as well so everyone is good to go for our trip to Florida this month.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

More projects

Web updates and HTML email for CD+M Lighting Design. Website updates for Porta Fortuna. Long hours trying to get several projects out the door. Hopeing to launch Roth Distributing, Mita Residential and Atkins Park soon. Atkins Park's 3rd location just opened on Monday.

1 Hour 25 Min on the Trainer

Endurance miles tonight. Heart rate between 87 and 159. PE 5 out of 10. Base miles in the garage... yay.

Thursday means 3 hours of Daycare for Aidan

Which means we get 2 days of work done in 3 hours. Hit Los Hermanos today for luch after Aidan's nap instead of our usual friday visit. Needed some tacos.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

50 Mile Airport Ride

Ryan joined Dana, Matthew and I for the ride this morning. Much stronger today. Big group, maybe 80+ people. I got a flat with about 15 miles to go. Thought I could catch back up with the group. Managed to hold 22 to 26 mph for 8 miles or so but no sign of them and had to slow down just a bit. I pulled a group of dropped riders back the rest of the way.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

50 Mile Tucker Ride

Got my butt handed to me this morning. I met Dana, Bob and Sue at the start of the ride. This, I think, is the fastest group ride in town and I have yet to finish with the group. Both times now I've been dropped at the half way point. After a few miles of rolling hills and the long climb at the mid point I hit the red zone and... the group is gone. Got a little lost around the Mountain Crest Mall. Had to stop and ask for directions. Something to still work towards.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Trip to REI to test Trainers

REI carries the 3 trainers I've been looking to purchase, or receive as a gift for the holidays. The Blackburn (1up re-branded), Cycleops fluid 2 and the Kenetics fluid trainer. I have to say, riding them all back to back, the Blackburn was better by far. The most quiet and best road simulation. It did have more plastic pieces but I think it wins by far. The Cycleops seems to have a flat spot in it like the cylinder was out of round or something. The Kenetics was fine, just a little noisier than the others. The legs of the Blackburn were too low when I first got on and managed to burn a hole in the carpet... dam funny. The smell of torched carpet lingered for a little while. Oh, they also had the Kenetics one the rocked from side to side when you stand up. The put elastomers in the joint so it was like a skateboard truck... just bouncy... terrible.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

Vanessa joined us for Thanksgiving. Deep fried a turkey... F'in awesome, cooked in 35 minutes. Aidan entertained us by cuting a rug to 80's music.

Vanessa has some pics up on her site.


Atlanta Half Marathon

Leslie killed it this morning beating her last time by 25 minutes! She had a great race. Vanessa picked her up this morning at 5:45 am for the start while Aidan and I met them at the finish.

blog1_11-23-06.jpg blog2_11-23-06.jpg

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Project for Marist

F650 got new HTML email and flash portal project for Marist School. We also received site updates for One Scottsdale and H2 Eco Design. Two great clients of ours.

$4200 for a 90% efficiency furnace, each... Ouch

We're about to do some construction on the house including some water proofing. We have to move our 2 HVAC units and thought it might be the time to replace them at the same time. I'm thinking this just might be the first and last house we own. Because, if we spend this kind of money on it, we may have live here forever to break even.

I come bearing a gift and it’s not a toaster, imbecile.

Family Guy™ Volume 4 is out on DVD (video preview)

Aidan the Gymnast

Today was supposed to be Aidan's 4th tumbling class. It's for kids to run, climb, jump and fall on gymnastics equipment. The class was canceled but never told us, so... the door was open. We went in. The facility is fantastic. A gigantic gym with trampolines, rings, bars, a hundred different size mats AND a pit full of foam. Aidan didn't do any flips into it, but he did slide into it and crawl around.

The Pit  Up and Over

Monday, November 20, 2006

1 hour 24 min Ride on the Trainer

Leslie is going to spin class tomorrow night with the tri geeks (sorry, peeps) so I moved up my ride day. Probably better to resistance train and ride on the same day anyway. My training plan has me doing Fast Pedal excersices to work on pedal stroke technique and change the cadence up. 2 minutes on, 3 recovery with 5 sets.

45 min of weight training

Hit the gym this morning. Dana was on her way out. Looked like somebody took a tire iron to her, all cut up and brused. Maybe we pushed her a little too hard on the ride Saturday... maybe. However, she did earn braging rights. It's turkey week, lots of work to due but I'm only working today and tomorrow. I need a work break. Leslie is running the Atlanta half marathon on Thursday. I'm excited for her. She's been training for it. Aidan and I will be waiting for her (in the cold) at the finish.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chuck E Cheese

We took Aidan today, just because I wanted to see that look of amazement on his face seeing those kinds of things for the first time. He had a great time watching the kids and the shows. He actually ate the pizza... for the first time. Leslie is going to watch the final race of Nascar today for the Nextel Cup. She'll be screeming go Jimmy for the rest of the day.

blog1_11-19-06.jpg  blog2_11-19-06.jpg blog3_11-19-06.jpg blog4_11-19-06.jpg

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aidan is 16 months old today

Aidan is getting to be a big boy. He discovered Lo Mein noodles and cream corn this week. He's also getting pretty good with a spoon. If only we could get him to eat a little more consistently. You never know what to expect being a dad... but he's frigen awesome.

Blankets Mountain Bike Ride - 13.3 miles

Hit the trail today with Joe Reger, Dana and Matthew. Matt got lost... to the trail he's been to 50 times. It was Dana's firt mountain bike ride. The LBS had test bikes so they just happened to have a $3000 Secialized women specific bike just her size. Of course she killed it. She also marked the trail every half mile with a wipe out but... she was a trooper and kept at it. Reger has some photos posted. Joe did his share of the work by fliping in the warm up area before the ride. Fun ride... picked up the pace on the 3rd lap. Need to do that a little more often.


Friday, November 17, 2006

New Project

We just received another website over haul project... at least most of it, the portfolio and articles for Harrison Design and Associates. Residential architecture firm, 70+ people. It will have a flex 2 CMS backend with Coldfusion. No redesign but cleaning up the existing site. Started work on some flash headers and music for Levitt and Sons, a Developer (our portion of the development). Started version 2 of the Roth Distributing website as well, from a design firm in Colorado. Just launched a portal site for Bromwell Elementary School this week. Also made the quarterly EIC update. Oh, designed comps for Robertson Loia Roof this week too. Busy week. Looking forward to mountain biking tomorrow.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

1 Hour Spin Class & 45 min of Resistance Training

It's November which means it dark. No evening rides. ( I have no lights). Riding the trainer in the garage gets a little old so I went over to the 6:45 spin class (Sudi's). We did hill repeats. Got there early to put in some weight training. I can only seem to find the time for 2 weight days a week and 3 ride days. I'd like to work in another weight day but can't seem to find the time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New training plan

I got back on the road bike this season after taking a year off. Put 2000 miles or so in. The legs and body started to fade toward the end of the season. I decided to read Chris Carmichael's book The Ultimate Ride. And... signed up with his on-line training tool. We'll see if the periodization and heart rate training help me next season.

Just for the Record

"Blog" is an abbreviated version of "weblog," which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is a frequently updated, personal website featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles or other Web sites. This one will be a personal journal of sorts. I'm going to use this as a testing ground for my clients, document training... maybe vent from time to time and definitely talk about our son Aidan.