Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cycling Videos

If you didn't know, last year we put together a facebook site for the Atlanta Airport Ride. We post stats on pace for different parts of the ride and it's a forum to get info etc. This year Reger has been shooting video on all but the first ride. He's done a great job of editing it with his typical humor. I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. You can get to the site and videos here - or do a search on youtube or vimeo for the airport ride.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Power Class 1 for 2010-2011

First night of power class. Test night. Ouch. All out efforts - 5 min, 2x 1 min, 3x 20 sec, 20 min. Need to step it up. I suffered. Most numbers were respectible but I was blown by the time we got to the 20 min test. All of it was done in about 45 min.

Aidan School Photo 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Frequency 650 blog returns... when I can.

Sorry for the time away. The location of our blog was not on our server and was no longer being supported and was turned OFF. Images are being moved over and links updated. I'll be adding our latest projects after that and some Aidan / Bike stuff I'm sure. Then some re-design on this format (it's temporary).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Launched - LEDR Microsite - Flash and HTML mirosite for LED Roadway lighting for Acuity Brands / American Electric Lighting.

LEDR - LED Roadway

Race Updates

I have been racing... just no updates as of late. My teammates have been killing the TT's and crits.

Union City - March 20,21 (Cat 3 + Masters)
TT - 17:55 time, 7.54 miles, 25.2 avg mph - we were placed by age group including Pros so no idea on placement.
Crit - 23rd - average legs, first crit of the year always hurts
Road Race - 17th, 71.6 miles - good tough race, 8 riders up the road, lots of work in this race

Roswell - April 25 - (Cat 3/4)
Crit - 10th, Great race, lost spots with 3 laps to go and a crash in the final turn, couldn't move up

Sandy Springs - May 2 (Cat 3)
Crit - 16th, missed the break

Gainesville - May 15,16 (Cat 3 + Masters)
TT - 29:04, 12.51 miles, 25.8 avg mph - 8th (happy with this but still can't push the power on the TT bike)
Crit - 24th - great legs, wrong spot at the end of the race with no room to sprint
Road Race - DNF - felt great, got into the first break, got a flat tire at the end of the 2nd lap (of 3)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Perry Roubaix Race Report

That race was harder than expected. Road bike skills in the dirt OK but need some work. Good thing that race is once a year.

50 miles, 4 loops, 2 miles of dirt road. Cold at the start, overdresses. Hot by second lap. Overheating by the 4th lap. Had the beater bike and training wheels which made the race even harder. Learned the dirt was like running on sand. Hard pack and a half a dozen soft sliding sections. And a lot of riders can't control their bikes. Had “delusions of grandeur” on the 3rd lap and went to the front after the hills to push the pace in the wind and onto the dirt road with the idea that maybe the front group would split down to 15 or so riders, blew up toward the end of the road and had to chase back on. On the 4th loop, I was at the back of the lead pack coming out of the dirt road and got gapped. Chased with 2 other riders, only one helped. Got within 50 yards of the field right before the finish. Had to watch the sprint from just off the back. I wanted to sprint against the masters racers but... didn't happen.

25th of 60 or so starters. Good test of the legs on how far to push them. This was a C race and pushed the legs hard all week. Lots of time with the heart rate over 180. Union City next week. turns 25

Exactly 25 years ago, computer manufacturer Symbolics, registered the first .com domain. Today there are 84 million. -

Monday, March 8, 2010

Albany Cat 3 Race Report

2.5-3 hours South of Atlanta. 4:40 am wake-up. Went down with Matt Hurst who was racing his first ever bike race at 9am. Our race was at 11. Met my teammate Steve H. down there. The rest of the team was in River Falls racing on Sat. and Tim pulled out a win with a lot of help from the team.

From the start one or two guys were going off the front every 5 minutes for the entire race. Sometimes we would chase them down, other times the peleton would let them go for a while first. Steve and I made a half a dozen attempts to go but the peleton always chased. At some point 4 guys were away from somewhere before the half way mark (of the 61 mile race) one at a time . Tried to organize a chase a few times as they were only 40 seconds up the road and had pulled back 20 seconds on them when the peleton had a good pace but could never get more than 2 or 3 people to work together to and reel them in. Guys were happy to wait and attach us but not help reel in the breakaway. We picked up one rider but 3 stayed away. In the final stretch, I was 2nd wheel with the guy I wanted to follow out for the sprint. Steve was on the other side of the road so as no one else could come by. The pace slowed as no one wants to lead a sprint out. The rider I expected to jump early didn't leave as the pace picked up so I jumped on Steve's wheel as we passed the 1k to go. Yellow line rule in effect until 200 meters… nope. Everyone jumped at about 500 meters (entire road). I went from right behind the first line of 3 guys to 6 or 7 guys back instantly, ran some of them down and finished 4th in the group sprint. 7th on the day. Pay out through 10th so I got my registration money back. Ya! 1 crash out on course and one at the finish.

Good day on the bike. Legs didn't have much spring in them until the last 20 miles for some reason. Flat course at a good pace, 24.1 mph avg speed for the day. Some wind but not decisive. I was able to do a lot of work at the end, stay in the front and still sprint at the end. Fitness is looking good going into the season. I'm down to 161 lbs which helps and putting out more power than last year. Hoping I can continue with the top 10 results or better this season. Not racing Perry next weekend but Union City Omni in 2 weeks. One of my favorite races as I won the State Road Race Championship there 2 years ago as a Cat4.

Next great piece of bike tech?

The Copenhagen Wheel Project -

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training Updates

I haven't been posting training updates but I have been riding. Still have the power class 2 days a week through March. Took 4th in the Tundra Time Trial, masters 35+ a week ago. Still need some work but good day on the bike. Just finished a 16 hour training week. Trying to get ready for the start of the race season. Looking forward to seeing everyone out riding again... other than my "friends" on the Airport ride.

Want to move to Tucker?

They took our neighbor off in handcuffs yesterday. CSI raided the house for about 6 hours.

It's snowing again... 3rd serious snow this winter

Definitely global warming...

Body acoustics can turn your arm into a touchscreen - I can't wait for the next version of the iPod... wait, this a microsoft development.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Launched - Lithonia Lighting ALX-LED microsite - Lighting giant Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands Company, has developed an outdoor LED product ALX. Frequency 650 put together this microsite with content and design provided by Lithonia Lighting. The site features, interactive 2d and 3d content, mulitple videos, sliding menues as well  as the standard educational information on this new product.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 Hours of Booty - Please help Donate!

I will be participating in 24 Hours of Booty, a fundraising event for national and local cancer initiatives. 24 Hours of Booty is The Official 24 Hour Cycling Event of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 24 Hours of Booty is proud to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation as its national recipient. I hope to put in 200+ miles over the 24 hour event. Join me if you can. The more the better. Even if riding a bike really "isn't your thing", it's for a good cause and will be a lot of fun. Or, if you can, please help support me. I know times are hard for everyone right now but even a little bit helps bring us closer to a cure.

My donation page is here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Marvel Wheel Chairs

With some assistence by Cervelo, some pretty amazing wheelchair development - a fully adjustable, modular wheelchair with fully customizable suspension – the only one of its kind in the world.